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  • bocamp1 bocamp1 Sep 1, 2014 4:35 PM Flag

    Lots of Heart Study News/ Boston Scientific, Cyberonics, Novartis

    All relates to CHF. Heres a release from Cyberonics. Note the very slight improvement in in ejection. This is no better than eecp. But, thanks to Ma, we have NO studies

    Cyberonics is the leading proponent of such therapy and the six-month heart failure trial, involving 60 patients, used its system to stimulate both the left and right-sided vagus nerve.
    Patients, on average, showed a 4.5 percent improvement in left ventricular ejection fraction, a key measure of heart function, the study found, and there was no difference in the results between the left and right sides.
    "I think, at six months, that (4.5 percent improvement) is a very impressive achievement," study leader Inder Anand from the University of Minnesota told reporters at the European Society of Cardiology annual meeting

    Boston Scientific studies failed and Novartis's pill is called "ground breaking" for improving death rates form 17% standard care to 13%. And Cyberonics "very impressive.?" Give me a break. The bar is low on all these treatments and yet Ma has given up on EECP; at a time where the market is 'begging" for a cost effective, cost reducing(hospital stays) solution.
    Studies by vaso should have started 3 years ago, when vaso got a lifeline from GE. Instead, our Chinese CEO decided to put all our cards on his "motherland" by buying Chinese company. Ma is a failure and strategy is same. China is a money pit for VASO. Ma should be FIRED. Castle awards Ma a 600,000 dollar a year financial package. And, Castle gets paid right back for his "excellent' work on the compensation committee. Whats wrong with this picture???????????????

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    • i think we need to start with a change in the BOD and remove the dead weight. if they arent the ones preventing progress - then remove Ma. either way - changes need to be made. shareholders have not greatly benefited from the last 3-4 years and mgmt/BOD members certainly have. that should not happen in publicly traded companies and certainly not micro cap companies where cash is king.

      there is no objective argument for preserving cash for M&A activities in lieu of a buyback and then providing large cash bonuses (relative to accounting) for mgmt when the results of those decisions have NOT provided a return to the shareholders.

      unfortunately, too many shareholders simply do not understand the ramifications of not being engaged.

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