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  • sfbizman2002 sfbizman2002 Jan 14, 2010 2:50 PM Flag

    Where's the Beef???

    Sure lets take'em one at a time
    1)even with ARS they got to be down to $13MM (oops jig almost up)
    2) they got an upfront from UCB in 2006, all spent and have received no milestones from that deal because you got to have data to get it
    3) Nycomed deal sign aug.2008, once again they bamboozled an upfront payment but have received no milestones yet. Got to wait for the RA data to get that but it has never worked before, i guess now could be a first. oh and the upfront, all but spent. Geez who they got lined up to keep this fraud alive?
    4) i will be at the St. Francis today at 1:30 for the meeting, you will see me I will be the one asking why they havent disclose more Lupus data. (although i already had a 1:1 with them earlier in the week.
    5) ASCO? more early 10 patient data with no follow up on recurrance like last May?

    these yookles have been at it since 1999, same management, same results NOTHING!!

    Listen I will be very happy to change my mind. Lupus is a terrible disease, i wish they had a cure. RELEASE ALL THE DATA FROM AUGUST...very simple!!

    cash is running out nowhere to turn, geez they met with every bank town this week, maybe Rodman will do a deal for them!!

    who is putting up the money with out seeing the data set??????

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