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  • coursonc coursonc Oct 26, 2010 12:57 PM Flag

    Im shorting this at $4.17 today

    Ok, Rocky says I'm kinda 'dumb' but I'm not that dumb. GSL has run too far, too fast. My bet is this rocket is out of fuel. There are a LOT of people with itchy trigger fingers, with large profitable gains. The PPS has not fell back yet (9 out of 10 up days) to start triggering sell stops. When it does, its like dominoes, lol. RSI 90+? Yeah right. I'm licking my chops. Watch 'em run for the exits, thats my bet (short term trade)


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    • Cours,

      I have positions in "investment" stocks like GSL, and I use some cash to trade. I was trading CIM for awhile, but now I am trading C each day. With C, I can get in and out in seconds.

    • I get the theory. A co-worker of mine is a big believer in technicals and momentum. I on the other hand will follow the super investors of Grahm and Doddsville. To the best of my knowledge they haven't been beaten yet. I personally find it hard to believe you have made" an over 3x return using your active trading based on technicals method. But, if it works for you stick with it. Each investing methodology requires a certain mental mindset. I personally can't take the stress of active trading and watching stocks I owned a few days ago run up. It feels to me like I've left money on the table. My coworker of course has a very different view and mindset.

      One other note, regardless of how much you made it doesn't make the tax point moot. Active trading has to get a higher return then so called buy and hold because of the tax effects.

    • Covered (stopped) at $4.52-$4.54. Too many Friggin DDC idiots! Thats a .36 or about 8% loss. RSI 92. Where were these morons when Soros was selling it to $1.06?


    • The 'Newb' (that is Z's nonclementure) continued buying is going to cover-stop me out at $4.51, that is 3 cents from now, as current high is $4.48. Idiots! Then I'm going to go have to give Rocky a pedicure and listen to him harangue me. He calls it 'Breviloquent elucidation'. Thats pretty close to BS for me. Where is my ear muffs.


    • I'm not cover-stopped out yet :). D.A.M.N GSL Newbs. Quintessentially then, its an idiopathic counterinterpretation deintellectualization. And, here I thought it was a mouse. Thanks, Z lol.


    • There are always more pathologicopsychological idiots than what I think. I don't know where they come from. Hiding in the bushes. Under the sofa. They come out, and materialize chasing after a stock when they could have had it cheaper, before. Like a herd of rambunctious wrinkled pachyderms stomping noisily through the brush chasing a mouse towards a cliff face. Why now? Well, everyone else is doing it, must be the right thing to do. Stomp Stomp Stomp. I can put up a red flag, and maybe they will stop. Egads, but what if they are all blind? I can dig a hole quickly, as a precaution, in case they keep coming. Maybe the leaders of the herd can see the danger, and are stopping, but the idiots behind them are pushing them? Maybe the mouse will change direction, or even hide for a while? Why are they chasing him anyway, Rocky says elephants don't even like mice? I'm going to have to go do some research on mice/elephant relationships. Its a psychosomatic anomaly. I love that word, lol.


    • jdfunnell Oct 29, 2010 12:27 PM Flag

      Now we've found the real short-term top..............Dave

    • Rocky just reminded me how dumb I am. Again. He has been playing World of Warcraft 5 days straight, non-stop, and has had me on coffee fetch duty the whole time. I liked it better when he was at the bottom of the aquarium undergoing hygroscopic dialysis. I have been instructed to place a stop limit cover on GSL at $4.51. Mumbled something about protecting his manicure allowance or inheritance, used some other big words I'm going to have to go look up. He sometimes forgets how much I want to 'skip' him across the lake. Maybe I should remind him.


    • I appreciate your complementarity. I have found bathysiderodromophobia is a good excuse not to go to work. Next time you miss a day or two, hit your boss up with that word, lol. I do spend a lot of time intellectualizing various different ideas, researching trend analysis, and trying to stay abreast of various economic factors, that can impact my overall investments. I have several different 'baskets' of stocks (for lack of a better word), because you have to group your overall risk tolerance and income requirements, depending on your age, knowledge level, experience, and time allowed to monitor and keep track of them.

      Anagnorisis of previous GSL floccinaucinihilipilification did not require cryptaesthesia, unless one had spastic dysarthria, or other psychoneuroimmunological abnormalities preventing catoptromancy, lol.


    • Cours, from a guy who was led to GSL by your post on the TNK board a year ago, and who is only a part-time, under-educated investor living outside the financial world, I appreciate and thank you for your contributions to this and other boards. You put a lot of effort into sharing your ideas. I can't quite wish you good luck on this particular short trade as I'm staying long. But I do hope you continue to enlighten us with your thoughts. Despite the ragging you get when you swim upstream, I think your sometimes contrarian view, semi-regular reminders that there is significant risk in GSL, and the traders mentality and reasoning you share, are all valuable inputs to balance against the predominately long and strong views held on this board.

      Now if I could just figure out what the heck all those big words mean you like to use...

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