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  • sarbajit_mitra sarbajit_mitra Jan 2, 2011 12:19 AM Flag

    O/T beginswithz

    Hi beginswithz,

    Am very interested to know your investment reasoning on Harris & Harris. am looking at nanotech and want to see which ones are the best value buys in that spectrum.

    Cours, if you have looked in that area would be great to know your thoughts.

    Happy New Year and happy hunting (money making stocks...)


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    • Dave...I appreciate your overall comments, but your conceptualized, assumptive, derogatory demeanor towards my investment opinion on OPTT is neither warranted, wanted, nor productive. I have studied OPTT extensively, along with over 50 competitor wannabes, and they are the exception to the norm, in the WEC field. Do not formulate any irrational conclusion on my analysis ability or DD methodology, either qualitative, or quantitative, just based on my ebullient trading here on GSL, as I have been very forthright on disclosure regarding using GSL stock exclusively and usuriously as a trading medium, and not a long term hold, and for reasons also previously promulgated. And yes, in trading GSL, the technicals do have a strong input on timing. However, I am a serious investor, with a lot of informative avenues, and a lot of time to utilize these avenues, and the common sense to analyze them in a rational, subjective manner. Do not allow Rockys frequent off-the-cuff politically incorrect attempts at humor to mask my serious investing repertoire. I do not 'trade' all my investments in the manner in which I have GSL, so as such, perhaps you have formed a hasty incorrect profile assumption. But I am an active trader as well, but only on a class of equity's that I have predisposed to be more lucrative by using that modus operandi. My erudite first buy into GSL was at the $1.05-$1.10 level, after watching the selloff and chaos for many, many, months, being over-exaggerated by Soros selling, and this was a larger, multiple buy-in approach, if that gives you any idea to the level of DD, sellside info, and pulchritudinous 'timing' that I usually utilize. Can you deny that my thesis was not 'spot on'?
      If you question that as 'luck' or even a blind squirrel finding a nut, I encourage you to read some of my other ideas, and market timing, usually posted on the TNK MB, with similar results.

    • jdfunnell Jan 12, 2011 12:53 AM Flag

      Cours, your definition of DD is: what's the RSI?

      I must admit DD does not take that long in your venue, so I give you credit for that.

      As to this wave-energy fraud you tout, I did my DD back when you first mentioned it.

      Because I seriously believe harnessing the energy of wave motion is a doable thing. Hydroelectric power sans the need of rainfall or a big snowpack melting in the Spring or Summer.

      So I studied the website. And read the latest 10Q.

      And it is bunk.

      They have not proven their technology. They have stated their electricity generation will not be profitable without substantial government subsidies. They have stated the efficiency they target is incredibly low.

      They have, in effect, stated they do not have a viable product.

      If you want to buy into that because the price goes down, and then goes up, and then you sell, by all means I'll agree with that.

      But if you want to tell me this is something you want to park a lot of $$$ in because it is a great technology, then I will tell you : you are going to fall off a Cliff............Dave

    • Fraud huh?

      When I originally bought into this company, its PPS was way below just the cash/investments on its books. It was a no-brainer, if you do any DD at all.


    • jdfunnell Jan 3, 2011 10:06 PM Flag

      In the 60's there was the commercial about Certs: "Certs is a candy mint!" "Certs is a breath mint!" Third voice: "Stop! You're both right!"

      In the 70's came the Miller Lite commercials: "Less filling!"....."Tastes Great!"

      Today, we have the stock market mantra: "It's a casino!" "It's an investment vehicle!"

      I say, "'re both right!"

      You play it like a casino, I play it like an investment vehicle..........except when I play it the other way. Your OPTT is a fraud, period, end of story. But as long as you can play it in the casino, have fun............Dave

    • jdfunnell Jan 2, 2011 12:38 AM Flag

      At the end of 2005, I put about 1% of our money into TINY. My concept was this is worth 100X the investment in 25 years.

      And over the past five years, we are down circa 65%.

      I have no intent to buy more, nor do I have any intent sell.

      There's still 20 years to go.............Dave

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      • I have looked at TINY off and on several times, usually when one of its 'investments' was in the news for a breakthrough idea, announcement, or other news worthy event that brought the 15 min of news shining the spotlight on their business. I view TINY as a broad spectrum shotgun approach to nanotechnology, its implementation to increase efficiency in a broad array of business and company's, with a long term horizon to profitability. Think of it as a Mutual fund ETF of sorts, focused on nano. Some of the ideas may pan out, some will be a waste of capital. The ave investor has no way of knowing which. A lot of times, the economics just don't work, the product may be better using this application, but the costs far outweigh its use to the general public, for the increased quality. Thus, early adopters or customers are usually the non cost sensitive such as military, or government adaptations. I prefer to find company's that address the needs of the many, with volume sales, rather than address the needs of the few, with niche market sales. Economics, like Gravity, is a true you know what.
        Charlie, the founder, passed away recently, and I dont know what impact this may have.

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