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  • bearle61 bearle61 Aug 12, 2011 9:25 AM Flag

    What would you be satisfied with Monday?

    Or, what would bother you a lot not hearing on the CC Monday morning? My expectations are as follows:

    1) Clarity on Zim ship financing
    2) Cash needs as they relate to number one
    3) No unexpected off days (scheduled dry dockings are fine)
    4) Validation of current A/R, cash flow from CGM given recent liquidity concerns
    5) Maybe comment on dividend strategy?


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    • i believe i am mr vision and couldn't agree more. capital allocation, the right people of course, but what is a ceo w/o an articulated, unifying vision.

    • jdfunnell Aug 15, 2011 12:30 AM Flag

      I want to know what GSL thinks GSL is three-to-five years from now. Current data is fine, but how we look years out....where we the most important to me.

      How many charterers? Financing vehicles. D/E thoughts. New ships? Old ships? Big ships? Small ships?

      Someone earlier on this string mentioned Vision.......yeah, that's what I want to hear about. Heck, this is a corporation we are invested in. We want it to be more than a sinecure for the CEO, collecting outsized payment for undersized thinking. I want to hear about how Ian intends to win, for us..............Dave

    • I will take .80 - $1.20 of value! The thing about the Zim ships is that, if they didn't want to pursue them, then they should have just let the original deposits go rather than paying for the "options." Just to be honest, I thought the explanation about avoiding "costly litigation" was a little on the nonsense side. Deals limiting loss to the deposits are a routine way of doing business. And besides, why would the "german interests" even care as they are directly benefiting from the above market charters as we speak. Point is that we have now come too far to let the Zim ships go, so we might as well reap some reward even if it causes a dividend to be delayed a few more months.

    • I actually don't expect much on the Zim front...if they haven't notified the "German Interests" yet of their intentions, I'm not sure Ian is going to tip his hand on the call. I would like some theoretical discussion on how we get from A to B on the financing front assuming the options are exercised.

      • 1 Reply to edgetrader2001
      • I'd be pretty nervous exercising the options without the financing in place. That would a) de-leverage GSL's position with the financing sources and b) possibly leave them open to legal action should they not be able to close. Anyone know what the consequences of that would be (exercising the option but failing to close)? I wonder if there is a contingency that may even prevent them from exercising without financing. You certainly could be right Edge on the no news front. That would, IMO, lead to another at least short term drop in share price as yet a few more non-believers shake their head in disgust and exit. I think a fair question to Ian would be:

        "GSL was established as an income producing vehicle for investors. Economic conditions have prevented the short-term fulfillment of that creed. Given the material sell off after last quarter's conference call when it was announced that no dividend was immediately forthcoming despite the cure of the LTV covenant, do you and the board recognize the importance of the dividend to shareholders and can you share with us your vision to restore a meaningful and consistent dividend?"

    • B,
      a good list..... important issues all..... my most immediate concern is item (1) Clarity on Zim ship financing..... which is pivotal to GSL plans and possibilities..... GLTA (long suffering albeit informed and hopeful) Shareholders.....

    • I would be satisfied with a little "Vision" and that they have a well thought out plan. Everything else we already know.

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