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  • bengrahamvalueinvestor bengrahamvalueinvestor Feb 28, 2006 6:09 PM Flag

    Another solid quarter

    If you look at the cash, the price/sales earnings possibilities GEEEEZZZZ this could go a lot higher

    Measure this against ACF...and you've got a 14 dollar stock on many of those ratios etc..

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    • with the exception of profitability, other ratios are comparable, but companies are in business to make money. It's all about the money. Shareholders should demand better profitability. What's happenning with the amount of shares outstanding, management appears to be taking care of themselves once again. How about the shareholders?

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      • Did you listen to the CC?

        When growth slows down the profits will start hitting the bottom line in a big way.

        When growth slows down the peak of the stock will have already been met

        When the P/E is less then 10 I will be largely out of the the majority of the stock

        If you understand how this company "makes money" you'd understand what I have been asserting for the last few years.

        Do your self a favor--listen to the CC

        Wall Street will discover this company in 2006

        Most shareholders care about stock performance. I for one am up tremendously from the original purchases I made at less than a buck to the purchases I made at 4 and 5. EPS is a report of the past. The past is not what drives a stock. Take a look at TOL. When was the time to own that company?

      • Did he just say the quarter started like a gang bang???

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