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  • yushenglin yushenglin Jun 21, 2002 10:28 AM Flag

    KO outperformed PEP 3 mo.

    I used to have twice as many pep shares as ko shares, but now it's just the opposite.

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    • Your quite welcome. I'd enjoy bouncing some furhter ideas with you if you'd care to drop me an email addy or IM identity. Try an IM to azalphainvestor@yahoo or on yahoo.

      And good luck with school.

    • Heh heh, thanks for the message. I used to watch a bit of CNBC in the past. But considering that I don't have any TV during summer school, if I actually get to watch something during the summer, CNBC will not be at the top of my list.

      Unfortunately, I'm not a stock analyst. My intuition tells me that PEP is fairly priced at these levels: it's not a bargain, but the price isn't jacked up either. However, my stock picks recently have done nothing but go down, so you probably shouldn't listen to me for investing advice. In addition, due to recent trends, I must now disclose my positions in PEP: I do not own shares in PEP, and my firm is not currently a client of PEP's. ;-)

      If I went to the Commerce School at UVA, I would learn about all this stuff (a friend of mine told me that a question on their final exam involved the valuation of PEP's purchase of Quaker Oats). Instead, my studies are leading me to Economics and Mathematics, although I'm not sure that's what I want to do in life anymore. <Sigh> Too many questions, too few (good) answers. :-(

      Good luck.

    • The dollar will fall against other currencies sooner or later. The reason is simple: the government keeps a small amount of foreign reserves. The means that when you go out to buy a Lexus, your government can't give you enough yen so you can pay Toyota in yen. Instead, you give the Japanese government dollars and they say, ok, we'll accept your dollars for now. When someday the Japanese government and the rest of the world think they have had enough dollars and dollar-based assets and decide to sell some of them, Americans will actually have to earn their way to buying foreign goods instead of just handing dollars to others, like exchanging a Cadillac with a Lexus or a Mercedes.

    • Michael,

      I'm impressed with your analytical differentiation of Pep and KO, especially in light of your young age. Do you gravitate to cnbc, wall street week, Forbes, or bloomberg.

      Very good points with respect to marketing, perception and growth opportunities.

      And greater growth or perceived future growth should result in a larger PE mutltiple. Tell me a fair market multiple for both. How about 20 for Pep and 15 for KO. Or perhaps some fraction of the S&P 100 multiplier. Perhaps 120% for Pep and 100% for KO.

      By these measurements, I would think that Pep is the better relative buy. i shall weight my food and beverage sector accordingly.

    • Do you keep all three shares in the same safe?


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