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  • thosehayden thosehayden Sep 1, 2002 8:26 AM Flag

    Why doesn't PEP buy HSY

    The marketing and distribution of HSY and Frito combined would be huge.

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    • There was a time when we tried selling chocolate-covered pretzels via route trucks. It doesn't work once the temperature gets above about 75 degrees, which occurs quite often in most parts of the country. I can't see Frito guys delivering chocolate. Period. Scrap that notion.

    • A GREAT IDEA!!!!

    • In my opinion buying either HSY and/or Campbells soup would be the best thing that Pepsi could do. The innovations currently in place and being put into place, i.e. handhelds/blackberries, EDI, and the P2P initiative would increase the marketing of all of the Pepsi/Frito/Tropicana/Quaker and HSY/Campbell product lines. Not knowing stocks as well as the vast majority of the people here I would suggest that there would be some period of time before the stock recovered after such an acquisition. However the result would be outstanding.

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      • I totally agree.We need some winners. Pepsi
        could do job in the world market. After all
        most people know both of these, and are well
        recieved around the world. I would think WALL
        STREET would at last get on the PEPSI side.

      • I can say this: PEPSI could go a LONG way towards a purchase were it to STOP paying has-been recording artists (not to mention egotistical sports stars) BIG, BIG bucks to promote their product. Let the product sell itself. If it's good, they will drink it, regardless of what Britney Spears SAYS she drinks. You have to wonder if they just want to rub elbows with these people or what? Personally, I could give a rat's you-know-what if they drink Pepsi, Mountain Dew, or whatever. Does anyone shopping actually think: "well, Sosa drinks Pepsi, so I'm gonna have one"? The best type of advertising is that which centers on the product. Leaving consumers thinking about Britney's new CD, well, her record company sure thanks Pepsi.

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