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  • dwb360 dwb360 Oct 30, 2004 12:16 AM Flag

    The Republican Party that I Joined.

    I believe that this presidential election is the most important in the last 100 years. Making the wrong decision could dramatically change the direction of our society. Back in the 1960s the Republican Party platform supported many of the principles in which I believed in. It stood for state rights, individual freedom, free trade and sound fiscal policy. Today that is no longer the case.

    The rights of the states are no longer respected. Take the state of Oregon and California for instance. In the state of Oregon the people have twice passed a "right to die" law that permits doctors under certain conditions to prescribe medication that allows terminally ill patients to take their own lives. However, the Federal Government under Attorney General Ashcroft has attempted to override the will of the people. In California the voters passed a law authorizing "medical marijuana." Here again the Federal Government has interfered with the will of the citizens of California.

    Similarly, the Federal Government has promoted a policy that undermines a women's "right to choose," while at the same time supporting an individuals right to have automatic weapons even though the majority of both political parties oppose it.

    A sound fiscal policy is one that I support. However, the current administration has turned a budget surplus into a huge deficit that future generations will have to bear. At no time in our history has a war been waged without the taxpayers bearing at least some of the burden. Why is this war any different? Additionally I believe that those that receive the greatest benefits from a free society should bear the greatest burden and that therefore tax relief for those in the upper income brackets is unjustified.

    The Republican party that I remember was for free enterprise and open competition. While the party still appears to support business and the free markets system it prevents safe drugs from being imported from Canada into the United States and prohibits the federal government from negotiating drug prices with the pharmaceuticals companies. Furthermore, it has limited its support of companies during stem cell research thereby allowing other countries to forge ahead in this important scientific field.

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    • You are obviously a radical that is unwilling for some unknow reason to face the facts and deal with reality. Perhaps you have been brainwashed! You have yet to refute even one of my statement of fact. Two individuals can disagree on how to solve a problem and on moral values but the facts speak for themselves.. End of message.

    • I find it difficult to believe you were ever a Republican, and am always suspicious when one professes what one never was.

      While you seem dedicated to telling us what you think is wrong with Republicans, you utterly fail to explain why you feel Democrats will improve those areas. In short, yours is a continuation of the Sen John Kerry method of campaigning; i.e., distract and prevent attention from falling on yourself because that will be the surest path to defeat.

      Federal law (as well as state and local laws) routinely "interfere" with the will of the people. Try regularly driving 20 MPH over the speed limit, ignore traffic signals and pedestrians (etc), then get back to us with your experiences. Even though he seems to have several positions on most issues, to date, I have heard nothing to indicate Sen Kerry plans to support euthanasia or illicit drug legalization in the future. Has he done that over his 20+ years in Congress(?)

      So you like the idea of crushing the skull of partially born healthy babies. What did you think most Republicans support when you allegedly joined the party(?) Have you seen any evidence Republicans will not comply with U.S. law(?) "Automatic weapons" (if you mean firearms) have been tightly controlled under law for decades and, last I checked, there has been virtually no crimes committed with those weapons, and no Republican support for lifting the controls. The recently expired "assault weapons ban" (a political ploy--the legislation applied to certain weapons such as assault weapon lookalikes, not true assault weapons) had no impact on those controls.

      If not financed by taxpayers, who might you think is funding the U.S. portion of the war on terror(?) Your words about the surplus and taxes is quite similar to the Democratic playbook (Where did you get one of those?).

      You come across as a dedicated deceiver--the party of Jefferson Davis, Tammany Hall, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry will undoubtedly welcome you.


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