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  • theelseries theelseries Mar 2, 2009 2:15 PM Flag

    I'm SORRY I voted for Obama...

    I want to apologize, I'm sorry! This man's spend, tax and borrow policies will now and forever wreck this wonderful country of ours. Capitalism has taken a back seat as he tries to instill fear in all of us. The man takes away from hard-working Americans and gives it to those looking for a handout. 4 years till we can get rid of him and then REAL CHANGE!

    California was a failed socialist experiment. Please, let's not go down that route.

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    • So sad to see how so many of you have essentially sold your souls to the Devil, who's face in this case is the political party system in America. Once you sign up for and embrace either political party you have given up your ability to be a free thinker and to frame your own personal opinions on specific subjects involving the well being of America. Instead the majority of you embrace the party position and specific sound bite embraced and disseminated for the topic at hand that day. You people listen to the TV and radio pundits and writers who earn their livings by trying to infest your minds with their personal and mostly party opinions.

      Reclaim your independence and your freedom of choice and mind and reject this approach. You have forfeited a valuable and GOD given gift....the choice of free will and mind. Fess up to this growing cancer within us and say to more. None of these mostly self serving people power grabbing people will no longer own my mind. There is no "left" or "right" folks but mostly just good American people trying to have a decent life and to raise our families in a quality way. They divide us to conquer our minds.

      These politicians, party pundits and commentators are the power grabbing folks who got us into this mess in the first place and now attempt to divide us.........HTJ

    • If you voted for Obama, it's not your fault...HE LIED! and he continues to lie. You people have to understand that it's not one party or the other, both parties have consistently turned their backs on the people who voted them into office. We need a viable 3rd party, and we need to get rid of the federal reserve system. We can only go up from there.

    • Now that Obama is closing Gitmo, why not set up a secure prison on the whitehouse lawn? Can't think of a more secure place for the detainees.

    • you aren't happy to know that your tax dollars are going to help octoslob an her million kids??

    • He's been in office for less than 50 days. The banks started blowing up two years ago. Which do you think is more important? Frankly, presidents aren't that important.

    • it's alright, our grand children will have to live in poverty. You should make a tape for them...

    • what a bunch of losers. Do you really want to talk about "instilling fear" in the general public? How about Bush's famous

      "Knowing these realities, America must not ignore the threat gathering against us. Facing clear evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the final proof -- the smoking gun -- that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud."

      that's selling fear. For 7 years we have been spending 6 billion dollars/month in Iraq - for an ill conceived war - with BORROWED money.

      I'm sure you can ask him to come back....he's somewhere in Texas trying to build a library to tell people what a great president he was....


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      • I agree, you should appoint tax cheats as directors of the IRS and people known to collaborate with foreigners to manage our export controls. In fact, try to get the worst you can find to run your country. Hmmm, guess you infidels are already doing that. Osama

        Commerce pick tied to China cash
        Bill Gertz and Jerry Seper
        Wednesday, March 18, 2009

        Commerce Secretary nominee Gary Locke, whose job would include approving sensitive exports to China, has performed legal work for companies doing business with Beijing and was forced to refund several political donations that he received in the 1990s from key figures in a Chinese influence-buying investigation.

        The former Washington state governor is expected to face questions about both issues during his confirmation hearing on Wednesday, Senate aides and an Obama administration official familiar with the vetting told The Washington Times.

        Mr. Locke was the first Chinese-American to become governor when Washington state voters elected him in 1996, and he served two terms. Since leaving the governor's mansion in 2005, Mr. Locke has been working with the Seattle law firm of Davis Wright Tremaine LLP as part of its China practice, which has offices in Shanghai.


        John A. Shaw, who held senior posts at the Defense, State and Commerce departments overseeing export controls and technology transfers from 1992 to 2004, said senators should question nominees about their past fundraising and views on high-technology transfers to nations such as China.

        "Commerce has total control over all dual-use technology and if there is a decision to open the commercial floodgates to China, Locke will be able to steamroll any military concerns coming from State and Defense," Mr. Shaw said in an interview.

        Meanwhile, President Obama on Tuesday issued a waiver of a 1999 defense export-control law that will allow the transfer of U.S. high-technology goods to China. Mr. Obama stated in a notice to Congress that fine-grain graphite and aircraft composite gear will not "measurably improve [China's] missile and space launch capabilities."


      • Yep, we are all--including yourself--losers. Some of us tried to prevent it, but crap happens. Now we can be afraid without shame.

        Pres Obama managed to work with his cohorts in Congress to spend more than a trillion (we are still trying to sort out where it is going, but obviously to buy lib votes) in his first two months in office. So it seems a bit tired to mention spending two-thirds of that over seven years to help protect such as you.

        Perhaps you could tell us when/where former Pres Bush made the alleged statement. It is not "famous".


      • lowmanifoldpressureshortstack lowmanifoldpressureshortstack Mar 9, 2009 4:40 PM Flag

        Justifying Obama's piss poor performance by comparing it to Bush's piss poor performance doesn't say much about either one of them.
        But it speaks volumes about you.

      • you the real loser, prick

        the war costs 2 bil a month, you fukkin liar POS A S S H O L E

      • what a dumb you shit in 6 month when you have no job and no money.


    • buyer's remorse

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      • My in-laws voted for the communist. They are typically ultra conservative (John Birch members) who became very disenchanted with the way the republicrats were running things. Bush spent too much money and wasnt truly conservative. Plus, they had issues with the war. So, their vote for Obama was really a protest vote against the republican party. Now, they really regret voting for the knucklehead as his agenda will push our country too far left. I voted for Mcain with reluctance. I didnt think he'd be any good but just less bad than Obama. After 30 days of Obama, we need change already. I always enjoy hearing from the conservative voices on the board. I try to hear all sides as I may see a viewpoint that isnt part of my mindset. But my political bent is way, way,way right. Good luck all and safe investing!!!!!

    • This man's spend, tax and borrow policies will now and forever wreck this wonderful country of ours. Capitalism has taken a back seat as he tries to instill fear in all of us.<<<<<<

      Well, the dollar has been going up with Obamanomics.

      We are in a mass deleveraging, too much debt resulting in false valuations of all kinds of assets like home, stocks, commodities, etc.

      It is about time to restructure our whole economy.

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