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  • Jmedwick Jmedwick Mar 3, 2009 8:02 AM Flag

    I'm SORRY I voted for Obama...

    buyer's remorse

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    • My in-laws voted for the communist. They are typically ultra conservative (John Birch members) who became very disenchanted with the way the republicrats were running things. Bush spent too much money and wasnt truly conservative. Plus, they had issues with the war. So, their vote for Obama was really a protest vote against the republican party. Now, they really regret voting for the knucklehead as his agenda will push our country too far left. I voted for Mcain with reluctance. I didnt think he'd be any good but just less bad than Obama. After 30 days of Obama, we need change already. I always enjoy hearing from the conservative voices on the board. I try to hear all sides as I may see a viewpoint that isnt part of my mindset. But my political bent is way, way,way right. Good luck all and safe investing!!!!!

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      • If you listened to what he said or what was eported, he is doing exactly what he said he would do. In my opinion: if you paid taxes, you vote McCain; if you were on welfare, you vote obama. He said he would close Gitmo but did not say where the detainees will go; maybe thet will be allowed to live whee you do since other countries are not taking them back. Some who were sent back the the muslim countries are back to terrorism. USA will not look the same in 4 years. Debt burden will be overwhelming and inflation will cause high interest rates which hurts the borrowers. You cannot undo your mistake.

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