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  • hey_rob69 hey_rob69 Feb 17, 2012 4:51 PM Flag

    Don't blame Indra. Read article

    When you see companies like Whole Foods and Chipotle making loads of money on healthy foods and consumers defecting from the carbonated soft drinks that once comprised 90% of Pepsi's beverage business to bottled water. Why not change the company bad adding healthy choices. You don't want to be known as the company for being the leading cause of diabetes

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    • It's simple. The company is here to return a profit to its shareholders. The company's core business (things that make profit) are #1 salty snack foods, which makes money to help pay for #2) soda flavors and #3 is Gatorade. Don't bet the company on something that doesn't make money. Bottom line, It's ok to be idealistic with someone else's money, just don't waste the shareholders money.

      The blah blah blah, macro-economic pressure, blah blah blah doesn't cut it. Anyone who pays attention to the news knows the global economy is struggling, apparently something Indra didn't do. Also, if "green vehicles" cost more to maintain, that affects operating costs, no big surprise there, except to Indra. If not as many people buy "whole foods" compared to our core business products, should we starve the core business to feed a withering vine? For Indra, the answer was yes.

      When you're forced into a desperation move of laying off 8700 employees to save your job because you have made too many bad decisions, there should be some bright red flags for someone to see.

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      • I do blame Indra.

        She's at the helm, and this ship is rudderless.

        I'd love for someone to explain to me how they're going to grow volume in 2012. I don't see it happening.

        What I want to see is a split. I'll buy Frito Lay with both hands post split, and sell this has-been brand(s).

        Signed, A long suffering shareholder.

    • You don't understand business. The name on the door is Pepsi and cannot lose that focus. Coke is doing so much better with business results, volume, share because they have not closed their eyes on their key brand and money maker. Diet Coke surpassed brand Pepsi as #2 selling brand in USA because of this loss of focus.

    • See my posts on this board - one conclusion to be reached: blame indra

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