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  • dpmc.1960 dpmc.1960 Mar 23, 2012 7:29 PM Flag

    Indra Gets a 6% Raise....for Failure.

    Indra's compensation went up 6%. For failure? Only in America.

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    • What. A disgrace and especially since she has laid off so many employees every year she has been CEO. Her and her leadership team have also minimized pay raises and bonuses for most employees while she gets 6pefcent is a disgrace. Must vote out Board for approving this raise as well as rewarding and tolerating such poor business results for so long.

    • Indra has helped KO. I'm sure KO loves that she stays on and gets a raise.

    • she deserves the raise. good for her

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      • Absolutely she deserves a raise - here's why:
        1-An ever growing list of disgruntled employees due to cuts in pay, and cuts in benefits
        2-A major player (Kellogg) moving beyond cereals and crackers into Pringles - a direct attack on PEPs profit cow Frito Lay
        3-The focus on, and acquisition of, nutritional businesses while abandoning their bread and butter sugar water and junk food businesses (nice job nooyi - it's your strategy)
        4-The slow growth rate of the big profit provider salty snack business - Frito
        5-The margin mix issue on the beverage side - high margin Carbonated Bevs losing share and volume while low margin Non-Carb Bevs are increasing in volume - a nasty long term trend
        6-The complete idiocy of nooyi in making all the wrong decisions in an attempt to leave a legacy - unfortunately for shareholders her legacy already exists in the form of the worst performing CEO in pepsico history
        7-The pepsi branded cola becoming the #3 cola behind not only coke but also diet coke
        8-The transparently sad attempt by pep/nooyi to try to claim it now has more billion dollar brands (in an attempt to minimize the negative press of pepsi falling to the #3 brand) by including brands it licenses from others (e.g.Lipton Tea)

        In sum, this CEO must go...she couldn't succeed by delivering numbers similar to her predecessors so she tries to redefine what success is (performance with a purpose - what a bunch of BS). She is single handedly responsible for items listed 1-8 above but yet denies responsibility (or attempts to deflect it - 'oh I hired the wrong people'). What a crock of sheet. Get rid of the greedy egomaniac pig and pepsico stock will grow. She only got the job because she was indian and that was/is a key market for pep.

    • Why ?? This CEO is doing nothing for the value of the stock. Missing sales and revenue targets Should NEVER be rewarded ! She was great in most of her former roles, but she was promoted to a point where she is proving herself INCOMPETENT !

    • dont worry about indra,shes already wealthy ,now worry about yourself and buy someshares going to 70 then get out.

    • Sickening to read about, but to also be a shareholder - :(:(. Looks like the it's more related to a salary and pen. ben./retirement raise after 5 years, not a performance adjustment.

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