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  • marketscience marketscience Apr 19, 2012 11:20 AM Flag


    PEP stock price is what you get when you hire exactly for diversity. She told Columbia Business that USA is the middle finger to the world. She holds her middle finger to stock holders.

    It is a joke that there is not a clear successor. Is she that knowledgable and respected??? I would take a 2nd year MBA from their strategy department over this self preserving value destroyer.

    The board finally gets it, I think. Bought some PEP today. They will fire her soon, IMHO.

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    • I agree that she has been a complete disaster as CEO but not because of "diversity" like claimed! Do not make this about race or gender diversity! She is actually quite intelligent and driven. She lacks operational skills and team building leadership skills. She has done nothing to move the stock or base businesses forward. She has also continuously laid off people every year she has been in her current role while continuing to hire very senior leaders,in new roles that have not delivered against the business strategy.. Pay raises have declined to almost nothing (except for her) while workload has become more crazy than ever, bonuses and stock options have really been absolutely meaningless during her time as CEO. Brand Pepsi has fallen to #3 behind Coke and Diet Coke during her time. More importantly, the organization has lost a great deal of experience, dedication and loyalty that once existed before her time which could potentially hurt future business results even more while she remains at the helm. The Board needs to voted out for tolerating this for so long or just being completely out of touch with the rapid decline since their appointment as CEO.

    • True or not, indra is a miserable failure. Out with the pretender.

    • What a BS crock story Go PEP!!

    • Let's hope she leaves faster than you can open a bag of Lay's Chips.

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