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  • sophia3jan sophia3jan Jan 15, 2013 12:14 PM Flag

    IDC Continues its joke on stockholders

    The new consulting group has not peaked any interest in IDC. NO SEPT. 2012 quarter 3 1/2 months late, now we're in the first quarter of 2013. Management appears to ENJOY keeping us on edge all the time. Throwing us a dried up old meaningless bone every once in awhile. SorryPie and Luke but trying to build up and read so much in these bones it's silly. Only a factual release by management would be meaningful. I'm sorry but some of the information could be released, because all of it is not the DETAILS FOR THE NEXT ATOMIC WEAPON.

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    • Come on Luke, management, I am very disappointed that I could only pull Pie,s chain. Or maybe my comment is really true and you guys all know we the stockholders are the JOKE of IDC management.

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      • Sophia,
        I'm not usually one who piles on...... I felt there was no need to get involved when my sentiment was taken care of by Hair Pies comments. I thought he did a fine job replying to your pathetic cry for attention.

        There are some pretty big name players behind this thing. Your gen X, gimmie, gimmie, gimmie, now attitude is the only laughable joke here. The amount of money we'll be making in the next couple of quarters will be so gross we won't be able to keep ourselves from laughing..... All the way to the bank!

        ~ Luke

    • Sophia,
      The next atomic weapon...... LOL. With my cube mate as a witness, I got a true chuckle out of that one. I completely agree, its #$%$ we didn't get a quarterly report. As I'm sure you would realize I have a theory!

      I looked back at previous 3rd quarter report. I found it interesting that even though it was a 3rd quarter report, by the time it was published in December it contained a bunch of October/November (4th quarter) progress statements in the Management Discussion. I believed there was so much activity going on in October, November, and December, they decided to hold off the 3rd quarter report so they can announce all the activities here shortly.

      They made a trip back to China in November...... we have the Green Machine trials completing end of Nov early Dec...... and the letter said there's other "game-changing" opportunities that will be announced. I truly believe there's a bunch of activities being summarized, newswires are getting tee'd up, we have a fresh launch of the new website coming, and a cash flow positive announcement. The last few months of volume is telling us there are insiders with information taking shares out of the float.

      Hold on to everything you have. We're going to be rich!


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