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  • sophia3jan sophia3jan Apr 4, 2013 5:57 PM Flag

    IDC Annual Report

    Report as usual is filled with OLD INFORMATION AND PROMISES FOR THE FUTURE. I read much negativity in the financials: reduction in revenue, continuation of selling stock at 0.42. Greg continues to tour the world. The 30 page report has old information and meaningless promises. Lets assume That China is a good market, they probably have COPIED "THE ANSWER" and will mass manufacture it WITHOUT THE IDC. I could address the report paragraph by paragraph, but it would be a waste of my time. Because half the report was old promises, a forth new promises, and a forth poor financial data.

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    • The annual report must have left Luke, Pie and the other supports of IDC SPEECHLESS. Impossible to be positive. Cannot even sell a 100 shares at 0.50

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      • Sophia,
        I'm sorry I've been quiet lately. I've recently had some issues holding me back here..... and some issues with my posts. I need to be careful with my words. I agree the annual report recites a fair amount of the same old, same old, information. That's o.k. because it continues to round out the "ongoing" decade long story that never seems to end. Let me just say this....., hold those old puzzle pieces together as you see the new puzzle pieces get added. You have to admit the new annual report sure does look pretty with the new logo, the pictures, the flow, executive quotes, etc...... It kind of looks like an annual report that's getting prepared to go back on the Nasdaq SmallCap market! ;-)

        The epic tipping point we’ve been waiting for..... is June 2013. The worlds fastest aseptic BIB filler gets FDA commissioned in June. The company intends to run its regulatory trials to get approval for “ambient dispensing of diary products in the USA” on the high-speed filler at the Island Oasis plant once the filler has been FDA qualified.

        Also notable, the new website launches in June. And regardless of the contract revenue stream, we have full funding in place for 2013.

        May the force be with you,
        ~ Luke

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • I agree to some extent with what you are saying but it is up to date. It included more granularity surrounding some of the new board members and details about all the companies that they are dealing with. We need some major break as he suggests as with the domestic dairy market and that looks promising. Business has been flat. Bank debt down but debt to insiders (promissory notes) up. Inventory and accounts receivable expected to be collected. We ran a profit though due only to a reduced COGS. Short term and total assets are dropping, but nothing cataclysmic. We need some time and there is some time. I get it. Do you want to wait? Do you think we will get there? Greg is contributing a lot on 0 salary, granted he has a vested interest in commercializing this technology. I'd like to see significant revenue growth (or at least in accounts receivable) by the next annual report, one maybe sparked from the dairy industry, orders from Pepsico, new orders from that coconut water business in Brazil ( for by year end - is that the company that was featured on 'how I made my Millions'? and which has Madonna as a partner? - FYI - coconut water tends to go bad fairly quickly when not refrigerated so the aseptic container is perfect for this product). I am very long and feel better after combing through the report. But I expect we won't see $3.00 this year as some were touting. If we have a few things fall into place this year I think we might see .85 to 1.25, and the big, main thing we need for certain is a revenue increase to where we can service our debt, and then some (like enough to cover our COGS). That would spell guaranteed survival and remove most of that grey cloud we call risk. If we get anywhere near there by year end I will be willing to buy more at these and higher prices even though I consider myself overweighted in this position.

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