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  • sophia3jan sophia3jan Jul 7, 2013 11:03 PM Flag


    Greg stated, "WEBPAGE in June" , I always thought June only had 30 days. Greg has already made June 38 plus days! Also the only person to come forward to say that he saw "THE ANSWER" in R and D laboratories in China. Since, none of his other promises have panned out, why should we believe him now. Surely if this was true someone else would be speaking about it, if the CIA cannot prevent leaks how could IDC and the China's representatives keep this quiet! I think the joke is on the stockholders.

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    • The Webpage looks great.
      How about sales?
      My understanding is that 2013 is the year for a break through although I feel we have been here before. Still optimistic!
      Anyone else have cooborating information of substance?
      The trade shows will hopefully yield orders. Thoughts?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Has anyone heard the up date related to the IDC webpage?

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    • Has anyone heard of a take out price for the IDC shareholders of $5.00 per share?

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    • My guess is we are waiting on the FDA approval of the Ultra High Speed Filling Equipment. Just a guess. I'd prefer to open up the new IDC "Protect the Freshness" website with this approval in the bag. That allows us to open the site with a 'bang" for investors, shareholders, and also get the attention we need in the United States. Everywhere else on the planet is moving along except this piece in my opinion.

      As you know, everyone has already seen the high speed filling equipment in action at the Island Oasis low-acid manufacturing facility in Buffalo, NY. We've also seen the targeted PepsiCo products at the Shanghai China R&D center. And we also know that this equipment is already installed at the Tingyi’s manufacturing and distribution facility in addition to Mexico/Latin America, Europe, and the Philippines. All the pieces are in place everywhere else in the world except our wonderful US government FDA. We can only be thankful our FDA doesn't govern outside the US.

      I also think when Greg picked his June date he forget that people like to take vacations in the summer months, and the July 4th week is very popular. That's it.... the FDA rubber stamp guy was on vacation last week, so we got delayed :)

      P.S. The words "plan" and "anticipation" are not the same as a "promise". That's part of your problem Sophia. Even though the plan missed the anticipated date, you keep acting like you've personally been let down by broken "promises" instead of looking at all the positive progress and the "bang" coming soon.

      P.S.S. Wouldn't it be awesome if the FDA announcement, etc. is joined by an updated quarterly report that says we've reached "cash flow positive"!! Would that be cool?!!

      Think more positive Sophia, it's much less stressful :)

      May the force be with you,
      ~ Luke

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      • I easily bought 20k shares today(2 blocks of 10k) and the price barely moved. So, who's selling? I'm now the proud owner of 100k shares, which is a small holding for me. Someone mentioned Lou Simpson investiment in IDC as a reason to buy. I've followed Simpson since his Berkshire days, but I didn't buy in because of him (actually Lou and his wife own the shares in their individual trusts I believe). This is a very tiny investment for him and as far as I can tell, neither he or his wife have bought more shares since 2008, so I wouldn't hang my hat so much on his purchases. What I did hang my hat on was I have a good friend who is an great investor who knows Mr. Abbot well and he says he's a straight shooter and an honest guy. I am a little concerned about the lack of communication from Greg. I hope that Greg in the future takes a page from Buffett and offers more disclosure, under-promises and over-delivers, and tells us the downside of things (we can figure out the upside I think).. Good luck to us all!

    • Greg Abbott is now receiving a salary of $313,000 per year. Wasn't he only going to receive one dollar a year until IDC has substantial revenue and possibly earnings? This an excellent way for Greg to recoup some of his investment before the crash. Sorry for all of us stockholders.

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