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  • krenaud2010 May 19, 2014 12:46 PM Flag

    Pepsi's new beverage dispenser - Spire. Will sip, sip, sip mean wait, wait, wait?

    Will a broaden selection be a MAJOR STEP BACKWARD for fast food businesses service/efficiency and a major point of frustration for their customers? It seems to me that a broader selection of self-serve beverages will likely result in major bottlenecks and frustrate customers if there is a longer line and increased wait time, waiting in line while people in front of us are experimenting with (sip, sip, sipping) on an overabundance of flavors and beverage choices? Extended wait time to self-serve a beverage doesn't appear to lend itself to supporting the fundamental principle of a fast food experience, especially during peak periods when we folks are on a lunch break and need to get in-n-out quickly.

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    • the sip sip sip machines also send info daily back to the producers, coke and pepsi, that allow them to collect massive amounts of data about consumers choice of beverage and flavor. definitely not a step back buddy. quite the opposite my friend- i'd call it progressive.

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      • krenaud2010 May 20, 2014 12:07 PM Flag

        Yes, understand, thanks wrb - data is definitely important. However, Coke's dispenser has already been collecting and sending this type of micro data for a couple of years, which makes Pepsi a distant follower as opposed to a progressive leader in this area. Sip, sip, sipping an excessive number of different flavor and beverage combos while other customers are waiting in line behind you, will not be well received at busy fast food (fast service) restaurants that must keep their self serve beverage lines moving. Pepsi's also a follower and a laggard in terms taking a look at single serve coffee only AFTER Coke's analysis and significant investment.

    • Your post IMO is much to do about nothing,If you're in such a hurry & are on a lunch use your noggin & pack a few of your choice with you.

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      • krenaud2010 May 19, 2014 1:19 PM Flag

        You may not be sufficiently familiar with the fast foo/fast service concept. Perhaps it would be helpful (if interested) for you to go to a fast food restaurant with one of these new self-serve beverage dispensers during their busy (peak) lunch period and observe what happens when delays are repeatedly created by customers experimenting with different flavor and beverage mixes. I would speculate that most of the high volume fast food restaurants with self serve beverage machines will prefer not to switch over to a beverage dispenser that will likely cause bottlenecks that frustrate their customers. I may be wrong - time will tell...

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