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  • jshahs jshahs Dec 7, 1997 6:23 PM Flag

    Slow suicide

    Since this has been made a health forum (along with several other message boards) Let me tell you about something worse than meat (a natural food!) It is aspartame. Look it up on the web and find the people who have suffered from the use of diet sodas
    and other diet foods. I own Pepsi stock, but would sooner take drain cleaner than a diet Pepsi, Coke or any other food containing aspartame. It won't hurt the sale of Pepsi drinks, too many people believe they are saving calories along with poisoning their bodies! I've been there and quit.

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    • If you believe that diet soda is killing you then stop looking at the computer screen..that also is killing you! We all smoke a few Camels..I own RN stock also...and drink alot of Diet Dew! This is a message board for stocks not stupid ideas of death by product use.

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      • I can hardly find diet dew in our PA stores. Do you buy a truckload once a year or what?

        I'm waiting for the multibillion dollar government/health nazi study showing that all humans ever born have died, therefore sex should be outlawed/regulated. Then you won't be able to enjoy life, let alone a Camel or Diet Dew! But, we may still be able to beat meat.

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