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  • daeggman59 daeggman59 Jul 28, 2000 6:50 PM Flag

    41 7/8 eow Aug 4

    Thats my story... and I'm sticking to it.

    Regards to all and especially this weeks winner, Finch. Kudos.


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    • I agree with you, I do not take those trash posts
      seriously (or the users who posted them). In "real life," I
      would never speak to any losers who would say such
      things (luckily I haven't even found such people yet,
      anyway). There is a difference between "shrilly emoting
      and making reasoned arguments," as you said; one is
      fake, the other is not. The trash posts only serve as a
      nice laugh for me, and only on the anonymous Yahoo!
      boards; they go no further than that.

      P.S. About
      the Motley Fool, I never noticed them favor KO in the
      past (but I have never really paid particular
      attention to KO at Motley Fool anyway). The DRIP thing has
      been going on for several months now, and the Fool
      users took a series of surveys to choose which company
      would be in DRIP. It was nice to see PEP be chosen
      above all other food/beverage companies.


    • You, I, and most others who have read your posts
      here over many months understand there would be no
      need for you to deny the trash posts.

      you already know the difference between shrilly
      emoting and making reasoned arguments.

      Since each
      of us is anonymous, I agree there is little harm. My
      original message may be useful sometime in your future,
      when you are visible and the results could impact your
      life. It is a small point, I think you see it, and do
      not wish to beat it to death.

      I find the KO
      board entertaining (and useful for KO


    • Can you get Light Storm? I already have three 12
      packs of regular Storm and I'm drinking mostly diet pop
      these days. I'd have bought more Light Storm myself,
      but they couldn't get any more.

      I called
      Hy-Vee back and asked for more cans of Pepsi Twist, so I
      hope you were serious about wanting some. Would you
      want to meet somewhere in Omaha a week from Saturday?
      (I'll be on call this weekend and probably shouldn't be
      going out of town.)

      If you'd like to take this
      discussion offline, email me at so that
      we can work out the details. I'd love to meet you in

      -- Market Snooper

    • I'll trade you a trunk of Storm for a trunk of
      Pepsi twist if I can still get it. I'll meet you
      halfway, I live in Lincoln. Good luck and let us know how
      the taste is buddy. I get up to Omaha at least once a
      week to hit the gambling halls. Have Fun

    • Yep, I would've driven all night just to get my
      hands on some Pepsi twist. After all, I drove all the
      way to Omaha to get Storm. By the time I got smart
      and asked Hy-Vee to send some to Sioux City, they
      were discontinuing it. I love Hy-Vee. Not all grocery
      chains would be so accomodating.

      I'll let
      everyone know when it arrives and I will publish the
      results of my "taste test" here for anyone who is

      You guys are great!

      -- Market Snooper

    • Thanks for the info on Pepsi Twist, let us know
      what it tastes like. If you remember Pepsi light was
      regular Pepsi with a little lemon taste. It sold like
      hotcakes until they dropped the natural lemon taste and
      went to imitation. They said it had too short of
      shelve life the way it was. I have a contact at Pepsi
      world headquarters that I will get a hold of and see if
      Minn and Texas are the only locals where it's
      available. Would you have really drove all night to try this
      new Pepsi taste? You sound like me. Good Luck and let
      us know what you think of it. Pepsi at 50, could be
      a reality depending on numbers this week, hold onto
      your seat. I think it will be 60 and split soon after
      by summers end.

    • Daeggman59 predicted 41 7/8 in message #13146. I
      think you forgot to include him on the EOW

      (I'm reminding you of daeggman59's estimate so that my
      estimate will no longer seem so low). :-)

      Oh yeah,
      wish me luck for the July EOM. If PEP remains below 45
      (and above 41), I'll get my first point(s)! (Then
      sacasso can look up to me). :-)

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