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  • sollii sollii Nov 11, 2000 1:45 PM Flag

    (OT) Extanker, .....

    welcome back. Did you have a nice

    It was hell week on the stock market outside of

    PALM zoomed down twice as fast as it went up ...
    that's encouraging for the next earnings report ...
    we'll be in the 70s before you know it.

    buying the techs. Picked up CPQ, WCOM LEAPS and INTC

    This is where you either go broke or make
    your whole income for the year over the next 6

    PEP had a nice bounce back after ML threw their
    support behind the beverage industry. I believe ML
    included PEP because of the way Mr. Enrico handled the
    potential OAT purchase. The fact he wouldn't go higher in
    the offer price because it would have been dilutive
    to earnings added to his credibility. This means the
    minimum 15% ROE is still on track and would stay on track
    even with an OAT purchase that is accretive to


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    • Thanks! The vacation was great except for being
      marred by all of the Democrat perpetrated election
      skullduggeries. :(

      Re: "Hell week on the stock market
      ouside of PEP."

      PEP performed very well, up
      6.54%! Others, including PG (up 4.94%)also performed
      rather well; AIG +5.52%, BMY +3.73%, XOM +2.35%, GE
      +1.05%, JNJ 2.99%. However, having said that, our
      portfolio was down a net <6.91%> on the week, thanks
      to Al Gore and Bill Daley :(

      You should do
      well with your acquisitions of CPQ, WCOM LEAPS and
      INTC yesterday! :-)

      Re: Electoral

      Sollii, I respectfully disagree with you on this issue. A
      close look at the map and the counties and states which
      were carried by Gore (in this particular case),
      clearly shows how a few relatively small
      (geographically), but heavily populated areas dominated the vastly
      greater portion of our country on a geographical basis.
      No small wonder that Hillary is already campaigning
      to abolish the Electoral System. The Electoral
      System is still needed to control the scurrilous
      Democrats, who with their feather bedding tax and spend,
      give away programs and aided by the unions seemingly
      have only their own self serving interests to serve. A
      few examples, handing out more than one ballot at a
      time to given voters and encouraging them to vote
      them, paying homeless people with cigarettes to sign
      absentee ballots, holding a St. Louis poll open (in open
      defiance of a court order to do so) after legal polling
      hours, using telephone marketers to solicit potential
      parties to file fraudulent voting irregularities
      claims... It goes on and on, seemingly without end. Our
      forefathers had amazing insight indeed when they framed our
      Constitution. As a Disabled American Veteran, I am in no rush
      to change it, nor this issue in


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      • Agree with your assessment, particularly of the
        electoral process. I saw another poll (yes, I hesitate to
        cite polls right now) that said 60% of Americans think
        the electoral voting process should be changed to
        popular only. At this point, with so many still
        relatively ignorant about the background of Art 2, Sec 1 of
        the Constitution, I am heartened it is not higher.
        Since there have been several hundred challenges to
        that provision over the years, the chances of a
        Constitutional amendment would (IMO, even under the present
        heated circumstances) be about 10%. Part of that
        judgement is based on the Amendment process taking so long
        that people will become educated and decide it is not
        so bad, before the Constitution is

        Second, your ID and comments indicate military service in
        an armored unit. Could you share the primary armored
        systems in your former unit (M48s, M60s, M1s? If too
        personal, no problem (just been curious about

        It seems appropriate on Your Day to extend a special
        thanks for your service.


      • If I recall George W. Bush's main messages, they
        were that he is (l) a leader and (2) a person who can
        unite people, not divide them.

        So why doesn't he
        lead, unite, and get on with things?

        So far he
        seems to be trailing, dividing, and dithering.

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