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  • dawnisbreaking dawnisbreaking Nov 22, 2000 3:00 PM Flag

    Cav (OT)

    As workers supporting the FL executive branch,
    they may be stopping to look for other jobs, since the
    FL judicial branch has assumed the duties of all
    three branches of FL government.

    Trying to make
    a joke, but this could be too close to truth to be

    An apolitical story:

    Quasimodo passed away
    and the bishop of Notre Dame Cathedral was seeking a

    He had interviewed several strapping young men when
    a man without arms stood before him. The man saw
    the bishop was taken somewhat aback, so he asked if
    he could show his skills. The bishop agreed and they
    climbed the long stairs to the bell tower. At the top,
    the man repeatedly slammed his face into the giant
    bell, bringing forth a beautiful haunting pealing sound
    that impressed the bishop so much he offered the man
    the job. Moving to descend the stairs, the man
    stumbled through an opening and fell 65 feet to the
    pavement below. Hurrying to the street, the bishop reached
    the dead man as a policeman rushed up, asking who had
    fallen. The bishop replied, I don't know his name,

    his face rings a bell. (not over yet)

    The next
    day, the bishop was approached by another man who made
    the plea that he should have the job as a fitting
    tribute to his dead brother. The bishop agreed to give
    him a try. On the way up the bell tower stairs, the
    man's heart stopped and he died. The same policeman
    responded to the bishops shouts for help, again asking who
    the dead man was. The bishop replied, I don't know
    the name of this one either, but...

    he is a
    dead ringer for his brother.



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