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  • paulohl paulohl Dec 22, 2000 7:01 PM Flag

    Down 1/8 to leave another hanging man.

    Mrs Market is talking to you and she is growling like a bear.

    Note that the
    black line has pierced the green line on the stochastics chart, that RSI is sinking and the
    MACD histogram seems poised to dive under the green signal


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    • Good insight and excellent analysis.

      Are you a professional/fulltime investor, broker, and/or securities analyst? If not, perhaps you should be--


    • You summed it up and that's why I bought call options yesterday ... PEP's a the low end of its trading channel and the mean around $47.375.

      Good luck,


    • I was about to reply to PaulOhl saying pretty
      much the same thing. This move was caused by a mostly
      unforseen event which deemed all standard indicators
      worthless, thus this stroke of probability (luck) means
      nothing. He is acting as if he had correctly predicted
      this, while he didn't he was only looking at limited
      trend within one faction of charting. The problem is
      that these charts meant nothing when the shift
      occurred and caused the frenzy, thus no one can claim to
      have been even close to right. This was all about
      investors thinking all of a sudden that there was a glimmer
      of hope for tech in the horizon and got totally
      overblown. Money flowed out of the defensive issues at an
      astonishing rate an flowed into tech darlings everyone had
      always wanted to own. The problem with these ignorant
      investors that participated in the stampeed is that they
      didn't catch the bottom, they merely participated in a
      frenzy which will get popped. In the next few weeks as
      the fact that tech is no where near out of the forest
      (woods, but forest sounds worse), money will begin to
      flow back into defensive issues as investors take the
      sidelines on tech again to watch. Only excellent earnings
      (negligible chances) could catalyze a continued tech run up.
      As to technicals this is what I see today. Looking
      at the charts of a few defensive issues it becomes
      totally obvious that the sectors have retreated to long
      term support as a consolidation step. Just about every
      defensive issue touched the 200 day EMA today, and
      succesfully held it and bounced back. PEP broke down from the
      bollinger bands narrowing, but as a cause of the market
      move. Stochastic will touch oversold level tomorrow,
      while MACD will enter MACD red (downtrend) in the next
      few days if a bounce of some sort doesn't
      materialize. A break and close below the 200 day EMA would be
      very bearish and bring the "short me, I'm out of
      favor" flag up. So now the move looms in overreaction
      territory, but if we see now subsequent strength to this
      testing (near term) I'd pretty much throw the towel and
      declare it out of favor. I'll be adding PEP long if it
      succesfully retests the 200 day EMA again, or if it some
      strength appears. The huge and basically exponentially
      increasing down volume of the last few days in defensive
      stocks is suggestive of a washout bottom. The tricky
      part is that this was not a washout induced by the
      sectors fundamentals being shifted negatively, but rather
      another sector going wildly into favor causing money to
      flow out. Thus I would conclude that as soon as the
      frenzy dies down money will begin to come back in and we
      might see an uptrend emerge from this in the relatively
      near future. I clarified this because most washouts
      like this are caused by negative fundamental shifts,
      and thus after these washouts most of the time comes
      a bsae building and consolidation period in which
      investors shaken out in the panic slowly regain confidence.
      Since that was not the case I would expect confidence
      to be regained very quickly, as the sector was
      already in favor, and the shift is considered as a
      postive one, a resumption of the trend doesn't seem out
      of the question. Time to watch. I won't bore you
      guys repeating basically the same thing over a hundred
      times again, just wanted to get my opinion through.

    • "if your plan was a sure thing I would think you
      would not be trying to sell it to everyone

      Please! If anyone had a "sure thing" in predicting stock
      moves, they would own the entire world in one lifetime
      or less.

      I am entertained by your remark
      about the doll. I did not claim to cause the price

      Note that after the first harami, the
      best PEP could manage was a flat line.

      I did
      not make up the terms. They are standard candlestick

      I am not trying to sell candlesticks to anyone
      else. I enjoy the game (when I win).

    • For most of us here, attempts to fulfill a
      bearish preference are not positive or neutral actions,
      they are negative (contrary protestations

      In regard to PEP, your totally negative posts, so
      far, have also been untrue.

      Actually, I often
      get what I want. In this case, I want it to be clear
      your attitude is not compatible with the general
      philosophy of the board. A change of attitude would be an
      optimistic outcome. Realizing that may not be achievable,
      making certain your incompatible intentions are open and
      aboveboard seems worthwhile.

      So you are still a
      parasite who continues to earn the worst of luck in your
      investment endeavors, particularly in regard to PEP. May you
      be paid in full.


    • << Whatever you or I may want in no way influences what we get. >>

      How is Hillary today? New Yorkers elected her and now you have her.

      It can only get worse.

    • PLEASE!!

      I offered my opinion of future
      stock price direction based solely on my interpretation
      of past stock price action.

      I never called
      anyone here a bad name, wished anyone bad luck, said
      anything negative or untrue about PEP, the company or the
      products. Can you say the same?

      Whatever you or I
      may want in no way influences what we get.

    • Apparently you failed to notice the failing
      ellipse that was tangential with the rising crescent, in
      which case the results can be either elliptical with a
      leaning toward bearishment, or transcendental with a
      leaning towards excommunication. If either event, I think
      you are "spitting into the wind" as it were.

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