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  • BZZZTPOP BZZZTPOP Jul 9, 1998 10:43 AM Flag

    SuperCross 98

    "...Either they are lying in which case they
    could go to jail,..." I don't think so. Try to put
    someone in jail for lying a stinking message board. Just
    try it... I'm 1000 feet tall! I short sold 400,000
    yahoo! stock!

    Personally, I glance at this board
    occasionally for the rare but interesting knowledge that
    posters may have. I don't think anyone is seriously
    buying or selling according to a msg brd. I have a
    feeling the kids you are talking about are playing
    portfolio games. Besides the people posting on here aren't
    going to be affecting the stock price a smidgen so
    don't sweat it...