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  • makeral makeral Dec 7, 1999 5:23 PM Flag

    O T (null message)

    Has anyone else been getting null messages from
    Yahoo. About every 4th or 5th time I hit NEXT I get a
    null message from Yahoo. I wonder if my Mac is about
    to die or are others getting this.


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    • Well, guess it's time to put my new strategy into
      play, even if it does mean that I use new money instead
      of trading profits (from AKLM). Sold 7500 FNM and
      will begin buying AKLM at these levels. What the heck,
      it hasn't moved in the last 12 months either.

      Looked at several things today.....

      (1st) WSJ
      article on daytraders that specialize in single

      (2nd) The completely lopsided trade volume vis-a-vis
      market cap between our dear ol' AKLM and a stodgy ol'
      stock like ERTS today. Same business but waaaaaayyyyy
      out of line with what should be happening. Shouldn't
      AOL's new partner be showing more interest with traders
      than AKLM?

      (3) The id's of these new bozos on
      the board. Where the hell did they all come from? The
      circus doesn't usually come to town until

      (4) The share volume of the trades that happened
      during the day. No big orders, just a bunch of

      If this works like I suspect, I'm buying the wife a
      "timmie-blue" (named after a teddy bear) Cadillac convertible
      for Xmas. If not, where is that guy with the


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      • ...the fact that there were not really any big
        blocks traded is just another indicator for my theory
        that the the trees were being shaken and the fearful,
        weak and impatient Joe Shmoe's have been eliminated...
        I just wonder whether we'll see yet another day of
        testing the waters or maybe see a small uptrend
        Either way, I don't believe in a serious runup until
        April anymore... I guess we will have to wait until the
        convertible mess has been resolved...

    • I don't know about you, but whenever I have to go
      shopping for gifts I find myself experiencing all the
      classic symptoms of performance anxiety. Sweaty palms,
      nausea, lack-of-concentration, weak bladder. I just can't
      stand it. If it isn't the crowds, it's the noise. If it
      isn't the traffic, it's the lines.
      What cauese this
      lack of control?

      This piece of shit stock
      continue's to drop! I can't afford to buy gifts.


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