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  • iwynne2002 iwynne2002 Jan 8, 2012 9:10 AM Flag

    IMAX vs RealD

    The IMAX screens are 3D capable, meaning they do not only produce 3D but also 2D. I live down the street from one of the original IMAX giant screen theaters and they show 2D and 3D movies off of the same screen all the time. Do you think Mission Impossible would be raking in the kind of money it's making right now in IMAX if it was only being shown on 89 screens? Remember IMAX has it's own camera technology which to me is what really sets is apart from it's competitors. MI4 took advantage of this technology as did Avatar and Dark Knight before it.

    I won't debate RLD 3D versus IMAX 3D as I have found that that is simply a matter of preference. I personally like IMAX 3D a lot better and don't mind spending the couple of extra bucks for it. And on that note, here in Florida RLD tickets go for $13-$15 while IMAX tickets go for $15-$17 depending on the time of day that you go so there is not much difference in the ticket prices at all. An extra $2 for an IMAX seat is well worth it IMHO.

    Having said all of the above, I am really looking forward to seeing Star Wars Phantom Menace in RLD 3D next month.

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    • Alright you got me on the 3D capable part but do you still think that people are willing to spend the extra money in the IMAX for a movie thats not IMAX 3D cus I personally have just been thinking that IMAX as a whole is really only staying alive because of the revenues from the 3D. If we could see the separate numbers from IMAX 2D compared to IMAX 3D I would be interested to see em. Tickets here in Naperville go for 13 for RealD and 17 for IMAX 3D. I'm not sure what regular IMAX costs tho. Only time will tell tho. Hopefully this thing will just take off already and get back on track to where it once was.