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  • red_wombat80 red_wombat80 Apr 20, 2007 3:55 PM Flag

    Hi Wooglin

    Did you make the leap here from STKL as well? I started following JMBA after we (STKL holders) messed up some of Jamba's strawberries and in the end decided it was a worthwhile investment... of course it's kind of sad to see the stock settling back below $9 when the overall market is sharing in the rush towards DOW 13,000. Nonetheless, I think in a couple of years we will be rewarded.

    I prefer your rule of not letting a single holding go over 10% to Bison's put all your eggs in one basket, watch the basket and most improtantly, some more... die strategy. I do wish Bison well with his one holding since it is actually among my largest holdings (even though I sold 10% of my shares recently at 12.40). First there is the diversity issue and then there is the question of why one invests, which I believe for most of us includes to increase our wealth so as to be able to spend it at some point prior to death. I am somewhat in his camp as I do like investing in companies that I think provides a service that is either a necessary evil or better yet benefits society in some fashion and STKL and JMBA both win here.

    Anyway... enough rambling. If this growth story works out we should be looking at $20 in 3 years, and it will be time to evaluate whether to continue holding or take some profits. I'll come back and visit in 2008 and see if folks are still venting at management.

    Good luck to all longs... even those currently less than pleased with the company.


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    • Howdy wombat (that's what we called our fellow fraternity brother who was paid to clean the bathrooms!)

      Yes, I'm long JMBA and more so JMBA warrants. Bought over a year ago and I'm underwater, but not concerned because I beleive the JMBA story has a few chapters that haven't been read yet AND I didn't invest that much--warrants provide leverage. I'm thinking about buying a few more warrants.

      I agree with your investment philosophy and that is why I'm bemused by Bison's "no sell" strategy! To each his own.


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