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  • unitedfood unitedfood Aug 14, 2007 11:49 PM Flag

    same store sales

    the explanation that too many stores are concentrated in california and effected by the weather does not hold up imho

    has the weather really been all that different this year?

    are not prices for smoothies higher this year than last and shouldn't this have contributed to higher sss?

    isn't jamba getting a quarter extra for everything with oj and shouldn't this also have let to higher sales?

    what is different this year than last is that jamba no longer is promoting the $25 gift cards with offering of a free smoothie. that could possibly account for some decline but still the sales should have been growing not declining and that is a very bad omen. the "viral" marketing is just not cutting it and i for one am sick of management's use of this term.

    all in all, the numbers were not good and jamba got justifiably punished. we are very disappointed.

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