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  • unitedfood unitedfood Sep 6, 2007 12:50 PM Flag



    this move is doomed

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    • I hear what you are saying. Will consumers be willing to "shop" at two different outlets on the way to work? It is my understanding that some JMBA outlets are located next to a Starbucks, but again, will people in a rush want to make two different transactions?

      On another note, would consumers who want a JMBA (COLD) breakfast want to alternate sips from their JMBA breakfast AND a HOT COFFEE???

      Overall, I'm positive on the JMBA breakfast.

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      • My friend and I just tried some of the new breakfast items-the chunky smoothie with peanut butter, blueberry flavored granola topper and one of the new juice blends.

        The chunky smoothie in particular has some girth and crunch to it. The addition of peanut butter and organic granola is a good one I think. I enjoyed it anyway. And I definitely needed a spoon to eat it. The granola topper had some chunks of its own and packs in more granola than the chunky one.

        They are also offering a discount on the juice blends if you also order either a chunky smoothie or granola topper. I ordered one with freshly squeezed carrot and orange juice with a green caffeine boost. I think the carrot juice cuts out some of the orange juice's acidity and the fact that it isn't too cold actually makes it easier to drink. It seems to be a good complement to the other new offerings.

        Will these new items drive sales? Time will tell but I do think they are adding depth to their menu.

      • Good point. Hot breakfast is healthier than cold. Also, states like CA has cold mornings, so p-le would rather take a hot drink to go.

    • Jamba has a caffiene boost equal to 8 oz cup of coffee now... they are very adaptable and will have coffee (house) if it will boost sales. Customers could buy coffee for a buck and figure the $4 they save pays for smoothie...

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