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  • carlfame carlfame Jan 9, 2008 3:19 PM Flag

    Jamba buyout by Starbucks not official


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    • Never said anything about selling my shares. I actually bought 300 more today. Why would you embrace chatter of a buyout from sbux which is a dying dinosaur. JMBA has much more potential, with the path that they have most recently paved for themselves. Being ahead of the curve is much more exciting then becoming part of a problem. The pps will reflect this. Sooner then later, if later thats fine as well I've got time.

    • I guess what I really meant was that if Starbucks bought Jamba they would buy the BRAND not the stores... I don't think the physical locations are going to be a draw and might be seen as a bad thing. In reality, the physical store locations might be relatively unimportant to Starbucks since as you pointed out the number of Starbucks locations dwarfs the number of Jamba locations.

      As far as Nestle goes from what I can tell they just create and sell products rather than operating stores of any sort. What makes you think they would buy Jamba?

      None of this really matters anyway since it's all speculation and I have serious doubts about whether it has any basis in fact. It doesn't affect what I'm going to do one way or the other since I didn't buy Jamba on the potential of them being acquired by Starbucks or anyone else.

    • The fact that they are considering a buyout speaks volumes. Don't forget the Billion Dollar Buyout of Vitamin Water by Coke last year.

      Vitamin Water doesn't even have 700+ physical locations (and growing) plus a roll out of bottled drinks with all natural boosts.

      Starbucks was also looking at Campbell�s Godiva and they don't even have physical locations.

      This could also become a huge joint venture similar to:
      Taco Bell/ Pizza Hutt, Carls Jr. / Green Taco and El Pollo Loco / Foster Freeze.

      JMBA has already completed several similar deals with Trader Joes and Grocery Stores. A joint venure with SBUX + JMBA is not out of the question at all. Paul Clayton is on a mission. Dont mss with a pissed off CEO!

      They projected 645 stores in September 07 and they beat that projection by 55 stores. JMBA/ Clayton would not continue to expand without having a strong conviction that there is still room for growth.

      JMBA is taking a different more efficient, cautious approach and has learned from their competitors mistakes. Strong buy at these levels considering the potential upside.

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