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  • cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester Mar 11, 2010 1:50 AM Flag

    JMBA future might be good but not for shareholders LT

    I had the special do some work for me and here's what was uncovered:

    Although Jamba will be good long term it may not bode well for us looking for a 10 bagger even in 5-10 years, here's why:

    1) After May 2010 shareholders meeting if voted in which I believe it will unless we proxy for changes, the board is comprised of 2 Mistral reps, Michael Serruya, CEO White, Howe, Swette, and Federico. Formerly 10 member board is down to 7, 3 members are preferred shareholders, white is ceo, howe lead director with ties to federico, and swette from kagle's group when they were angel funding for JMBA early stages. Seems that Berrard & clan has left jmba for now since they bungled the SPAC. This is no longer a spac by the way.

    2) Look at the investment priciples of mistral. from the following link -

    In a highly competitive private equity investment environment, we pride ourselves in our ability to recognize structural or psychological paradigm shifts in our industries of interests ahead of our peers and identify niche companies capable of capitalizing on such trends.

    - health food trend

    Our combined years of successful investment experience have taught us to maintain a disciplined investment approach in varying market conditions. Over the years, our investment professionals have developed a proven and repeatable process of identifying investment opportunities with an attractive balance of risk and reward.

    - take small position before committing all resources. let White prove his approach is right.

    Our ability to work through complex transaction structures allows us to pursue a wide transaction mandate including leveraged buy-outs, recapitalizations, growth investments, acquisition financings, and carve outs from larger corporations. We generally seek to make control investments, but can also work together with like-minded financial or strategic partners.

    - working with serruya here

    Transaction Size
    We typically seek to invest $25 to $50 million of equity in each transaction, and generally look for businesses with enterprise values of $100 to $300 million. We can pursue larger transactions in collaboration with our Limited Partners, and we will also consider smaller investments in special situations as well.

    jamba just hit $100mm market cap now

    Strong Management
    We believe the key to our success is identifying, building and partnering with strong management teams to lead and execute on our vision of the businesses we invest in. To that end we align both our short and long-term interests with management teams and provide meaningful ownership in our businesses.

    - New board implemented in May 2010

    notice how their small portfolio companies are all privately held, not publicly traded?


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    • what are you talking about, i'm just as quirky as you are. i like to pretend I know something but i was always just lucky.

      look at jcda i got it just by typing the wrong ticker then yesterday it opened up 30%

    • to educate folks RE: new to the JMBA party as to some of the financial details surrounding the company, thanks not to my work but to that of Cheating_Stock_Investor.

      This is cute....very cute....thanks

      Klangky McTasher

    • I know, I fired back at you a bit hard. Don't worry, no hard feelings at all, we're all here hoping for the same thing.

      I guess my only additional comment is that if I was wrong to sell a portion of my shares (at a HUGE profit percentage, I might add), then I am in the good company of Mistral and now possibly CanBa investments, who have done the same thing. In fact, Mistral didn't get as good a price as I did.

      Having said that, I had initially set a price target of $3 to sell a portion of my shares. So, by lacking the courage of my convictions, I did lose out on 37 cents per share, as a $3 sell would have triggered today and all I got was $2.63.

      Here's my last comment: In all our debating, please don't ignore the bigger picture as to why I floated this post back to the top, to educate folks new to the JMBA party as to some of the financial details surrounding the company, thanks not to my work but to that of Cheating_Stock_Investor.

    • Jamba does not get cash when the preferred shares are converted. The cash was already received for the initial sale of the shares. The only cash benefit is the dividend payments go down.

    • you have been wrong on jambas stock price for a while now.Sorry about saying you were defintely wrong on dilution.You just might be wrong.

    • Everyone needs to relax until the conference on April 15th. Good news is coming.....

    • so you know for a fact that the Cash Jamba gets from the conversions of pref to common will not be used to retire that stock?

    • As JMBA approaches $3 per share, just wanted to bring this post back to the top for a balancing perspective.

      It is worth a reminder that, at approximately 83M shares if fully diluted, even at today's price we have an implied market capitalization of $250M.

      While I am not sure I am quite as negative as Jasehawk seems to have recently become, I am solidly with him in one respect; namely that I want to see some actual RESULTS. With all the good things they have supposedly recently done, a quarterly report with rising SSS would certainly bolster my confidence.

      In addition, when you factor in the concept presented on this thread; that us common shareholders are in many ways subject to the goals and aspirations of the preferred shareholders, there is much to consider.

      I will say this: The price action and VOLUME of late has been stronger than I would have anticipated.

    • There are only 87 shareholders and a tiny float. Your solution and everyone who wants to make money in the event of a buyout taking this small company private is buy more shares. I like the direction of the company. It saddens me that Americans have such poor health. We are a nation of fat, broke, pigs at a buffet. Despite the natural sugars in these smoothies, I think they are far healthier than a beer or God forbid a softdrink. I wish the company would start selling high end coffee and locks and bagels. But if wishes were horses beggars would ride. The new direction of this tiny ship will work if Americans accept the reality that being obese is a national health problem that must be addressed immediately if we are serious about reducing health costs. Today I wlll have a smoothie and might buy more stock.

      With such a tiny float and limited trading volume any buy out attempt will drive the price above $3.00. (x 40,000 shares and it equals a little bit of money). The current price of $2.13 is a nice entry point on almost doubling your money. You will never get that kind of return on a big board stock, a bond or REIT. Take the money and run.


      Captain Sancho

      P.S. drink more Jumba Juice!!!

    • From the just-released proxy, re: Director Independence:

      The Board of Directors has determined that, except for James D. White, each of the director nominees standing for election, and each of the directors intended to be elected by the holders of Series B-1 Preferred and Series B-2 Preferred Stock, has no relationship which, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, would interfere with the exercise of independent judgment in carrying out the responsibilities of a director and is an “independent director” as defined by the applicable NASDAQ rules and the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”). In determining the independence of our directors, the Board of Directors has adopted the independence standards that mirror the criteria specified by applicable law and regulations of the SEC and the NASDAQ. In making the determination of independence of our non-management directors, the Board of Directors evaluated the independence of Messrs. Heyer and Serruya and Ms. Bronner in connection with past equity transactions with the Company and in the cases of Mr. Heyer and Ms. Bronner it also considered the payment of monitoring fees by the Company to Mistral Capital Management, LLC.

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