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  • soldier_boy63h soldier_boy63h Jun 1, 2010 8:23 PM Flag

    facts are facts stores are packed

    friends on facebook tell me stores are packed

    So I think this should pop soon

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    • penn station is big news

    • i'm in manhattan regularly the stores are always busy.I expect the penn station store opening in Septembet to be Jambas most profitable store in the nation.

    • some want it go going lower, some higher, would be hard to do

    • pinching pennies with folks who make $9hr is a bad sign, especially when upper management gave itself bonus' and healthy salary raises. Hard for me to reconcile less store employees and the same customer service. Sounds like what checkers did but with a burger joint.

      I'm mostly troubled by 'same store sales decreases'. That's probably the real culprit behind the lower labor cost and reducing staff.

      Somebody asked if there is a jamba store in charlotte. Yes, at the airport. But that site has some nasty ghetto employees that were all laid up on the counter last time I flew there. So I have been passing by that store since the appearance is that I would be compromising sanitation, especially since the blender was still sitting there with the messings of a previous smoothie that was made. Yuck!

    • You can also go on Twitter and use the "search" box. Search the word "Jamba" and you'll get a real-time look at the kind of activity they generate. I just did it a few minutes ago and probably got 20+ hits on entries made within the last 20 minutes or so.

      You can also see, unfiltered, what people are saying. So, you can look to see, for example, if people are tweeting that the prices are too high.

      Every time I have done this exercise, the results are overwhelmingly positive. I have rarely seen a negative comment of any type.

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      • I'm a courier in Chicago and this evening I had to make a delivery to the Olgive train station down in the loop (To Caribou Coffee). Anyway I anticipated a nice Jamba Smoothie to close a hot day making deliveries. I had four trip past the Jamba over a half hour because I had to make four trips and the bottom line is the line was longer than I wanted to wait in the whole time. What's even better is the line was moving quite fast because everytime I saw new people standing in line. I saw the same thing two years ago in Bakersfield Ca. I think I will pick up some shares tomorrow.


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