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  • RETAILexecutive RETAILexecutive Jul 1, 2011 11:14 AM Flag

    The price per share is less than the cost

    of a smoothie. I like Jamba Juice products but tthe business model does not look very good to me. The return on investment for a franchisee looks on average to be a lousy job and not a business. The investment on a single business unit basis looks very difficult to make money. You must invest in several units at a high cost to make any money at all. The return appears to be very poor and the company is also running stores and that appears to be a conflict of interest to me when the company is running over 300 stores.Now they are developing products to sell outside of their store base hmmmm. The stores pay a royality fee and an advertising marketing fee and then the corporation competes against them and the store is the core of the marketing strategy hmmmmm. I don't short $2 stocks but I have a serious problem with the way the company handles its" business. No wonder why you can buy 2 shares of stock for the cost of one smoothie. You should read the FDD on this company and ask yourself if you like the business opportunity. I am not blasting this stock but I believe you have a long, long , long wait for a real return. Probably like most of the franchise stores.

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