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  • kdp_vod kdp_vod Oct 5, 2011 11:41 AM Flag

    To MHoward98 - Thanks

    It may well have been due to efforts such as yours, via writing Jamba's Investor Relations, that Jamba took the step they did today of reiterating their 2011 guidance.

    Essentially, the fancy wording in that release is a legally permissible way of saying: "Uh, guys, just a reminder that NOTHING has changed with respect to our business or its prospects, despite the recent share price decline."

    Typically, companies only take this step when they believe there has been an unwarranted decline in their share price. After all, if they don't make their targets now, they open themselves up to very public ridicule.

    Even though I am overweight JMBA already, I am giving serious thought today about buying even more. I am slowly learning my lesson about "not catching falling knives," which is why I haven't bought any more during this precipitous decline. It may turn out that I missed an opportunity to pick up more shares in the $1.20s, but I know that many experienced investors are of the mind that you are better off missing the first 10-20% of upside and making sure things are actually stabilized.

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    • Sure did, digital postal scale.

    • did you really weigh it?? I mean you actually took it home and put it on a scale??

    • I was hoping for Mr. Howell or whatever the rich guy's name was. Given the fact that I was stupid enough to take good money and speculate on this little boat I wish I was just Gilligan. I feel more like Earnest T Bass on the Andy Griffith show. Next time you make a prediction on the stock price I'M LISTENING.... Sometimes in life we have to find out for ourselves that the stove is hot. Other people telling us is not enough. Now that I got my hand burned when you say the stove is hot I will not put my hand on the stove. Since you have a far better handle than most of the puesdo financial analysts on this board, what is the direction of the SS Jamba Minnow?

      Cheers and good luck to my high school girls tennis team tomorrow. All seven of my players made it to the big dance.

    • I believe today is the first day of the 4th quarter. Sounds like we can rely on positive SSS in the 3Q. That essentially locks in a 3Q profit. Not a big surprise but it certainly helps in this market.

      I'm also overweight JMBA but have been adding small amounts of shares during this dip.

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      • Hey, thanks for that. I was thinking the end of Q3 would be next Tuesday (10/11), but I just counted 12 weeks from the last quarter and it appears you are exactly correct. I can't wait to see their Q3 results. I really don't think they would have created today's release unless they are quite certain that Q3 is coming in nicely, perhaps better than forecasts.

        Unless, of course, they have no egos and enjoy public humiliation and flagellation.

      • .Jamba, Inc. Reiterates Fiscal Year 2011 Guidance
        Expects to Report Fourth Consecutive Quarter of Positive Company-Owned Comparable Stores Sales for Q311

        Announces Q311 Earnings Release Date

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        JMBA 1.40 +0.03

        {"s" : "jmba","k" : "a00,a50,b00,b60,c10,g00,h00,l10,p20,t10,v00","o" : "","j" : ""} Press Release Source: Jamba, Inc. On Wednesday October 5, 2011, 8:30 am EDT

        EMERYVILLE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Jamba, Inc. (NASDAQ:JMBA - News) reiterates its fiscal year 2011 guidance.

        For fiscal year 2011 the Company expects to deliver positive Company-owned comparable store sales(1) of 2-4%; achieve adjusted operating profit margin(2) of 18-20%; develop 50-70 U.S. locations in traditional, non-traditional, and express franchise formats; and maintain general and administrative expenses, in dollars (excluding litigation charges and other one-time expenses), consistent with 2010 levels.

        “We are pleased with our third quarter sales performance and expect that Q311 will represent our fourth consecutive quarter of positive Company-owned comparable store sales growth. We continue to make solid gains against our strategic initiatives which gives us confidence to reiterate our guidance for FY11,” stated James D. White, chairman, president and CEO, Jamba, Inc. “Our actions and achievements are facilitating the transformation of Jamba into a leading health-and-wellness brand.”

      • The naysayers can post all they want about impending bankruptcy, disappointing sales (the coupons were apparently the proof), blah, blah, blah...

        The Jamba thesis hasn't changed and the news today reiterated the thesis. I was all in at prices between 85 cents and a dollar long, long ago, and I didn't sell when we went to the high 3s on Starbucks rumors, so i certainly am not selling now at the $1.40s.

        I don't have any more money available to invest in stocks now (real estate, gold, and land are my other holdings) or I would buy, and the money that I have in Jamba is not what i need to live on (despite my claim in the letter to IR that i wouldn't be able to afford my smoothies anymore!). I can hold until 2020 if I want to, and that is a luxury that most investors don't have, the freedom to look beyond the next quarter to the coming years.

        I don't know if we will drop back down to a buck or go back to twoish, and really I don't care. As stated, I am not buying and not selling. Good luck all.

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