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  • a33stacybb a33stacybb Aug 9, 2012 3:25 PM Flag

    accounts payable more than cash ?

    whats going on?

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    • teamwiresales Aug 15, 2012 9:47 AM Flag

      Break even would be a tremendous accomplishment. The structure and admin. expense does not allow for this. We must have stellar results in Q2 and Q3. That's the regional rest. business. In the retail rag trade it all comes down to back -to-school and Nov./Dec. selling to make the year.

    • Can jamba ever make money in the 1st and 4th Q?

    • It is 4% of mine and yea it is a lot of fun. Try OCZ for a bit more fun.....

    • At its current price, JMBA comprises somewhere between 2-3% of my total portfolio.

      It's the most "fun" company in my portfolio. They are a small company and I believe in what they are trying to do. Sadly, due to that, I spend an outsized amount of time following them in relation to their actual financial importance to me.

    • Well said. Great advice. JMBA is not for everyone. Stacy, besides JMBA I also own GE, Starbucks, Intel, Microsoft and other safe, big companies. A percentage of my holdings are in higher risk, and potentialy, higher return stocks. It's like going to Vegas, never play with what you can't afford to lose. Yea, JMBA may go bust, oh well. Just might take off and triple my money. It is still a gamble. I just so happen to prefer stocks over craps.

    • Actually, I am happy to let every reader of this forum decide for themselves who is asserting what. Really, that is all any of us can do in life. You have not factually addressed one single question I have raised. You simply continue to make assertions without any substantiation.

      Please lay out your case, using information from verifiable sources, to substantiate your clear and unambiguous assertion in your below reply to me that JMBA is running out of cash. Until you craft an argument based on a foundation that can at least be verified, I have nothing at all to which to respond. Sadly, not only are you failing to provide any factual information to debate, you are now descending into an ad hominem personal attack on me. Typically, that is one of the first evidences of a weak argument.

      So now, let me address one of your assertions. You assert; "All you do is pump and suck in small investors.How much have you cost the little newbie with all your self righteous honest dribble." I will simply respond that my posts on the forum can be read by anyone and they can form their own opinion as to your assertion.

      As just one example, I would point to my post yesterday on the Form 4s. It shares information that can be easily verified from a published source. Then, at the very end, I write: "I will allow each reader to draw their own conclusions about what all of this might imply as to how these two directors view the value of JMBA's stock."

      Lastly, let me be clear as to what I would tell a "little newbie" or one who was risking ANY money that could be needed to provide the necessities of life for their family: DON'T invest in JMBA. If you want to invest in the market, first get yourself a nice, diversified base of investments, maybe an index mutual fund or ETF, something like that. Only if you have a little speculative money to invest might I suggest you so much as look at JMBA.

    • Dude the question still remains. We are looking at the same accounting data. Support your statement. Instead of running at the mouth about pump and dump, logicaly explain where your conclusion comes from using the numbers available to us all.

      And let me ask this. If they are running out of cash, how did they manage to retire their debt?

    • Accurate info .All you do is pump and suck in small investors.How much have you cost the little newbie with all your self righteous honest dribble.Have u no shame.Management is bleeding this co and you know it. Thats my opinion.Do you hold a monopoly on opinions.And yes my opinion is they are burning cash. Yours is they are not.How dare you assert they are not running out of cash.They are.

    • I guess you dont know how a business operates. This a part of Cost of Sales. Look at the income statement. Rev or income of 66, cost of rev (or cost of sales)47 of which ap is a part at 42. Got to spend money to make money. AP is what they buy from outside vendors like fruit, yogurt, cups, etc. The remaining cost of rev or sales is wages, rent, utilities etc. AP is charged off against income not cash on hand. Never been in business I take it. So what is the point of the question?

    • so where do yo see that. 10Q says 28 mil cash, 8 mil receivables.

      • 2 Replies to skind_2002
      • Yahoo finance says 45 million in accounts payable ? In jan. Is that an error? Why does everyone get so mad.There is obviously a problem with this co. The cheerleaders have cost a lot of newbies a lot of $$. They should stop doing it.And u know who you are.I hate to see small investors get taken time and time again.

      • This isn't the first time this poster has raised this ostensibly "troubling" question, and the reasons for this have already been thoroughly hashed out on this forum.

        It's a classic ploy of posters who wish to create what is often referred to as "fear, uncertainty, and doubt." You simply post something that, even if technically true, is completely devoid of context and, relied on in a vacuum, could lead to an erroneous conclusion.

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