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  • cane5 Dec 5, 2013 3:29 AM Flag

    As to todays press release

    Noticed a lot of chatter especially on the IHUB board about the lack of a solid release today in the way of e
    getting maximum exposure and why the stock did not pop on the news. My take is it really was simply important for the company to confirm the launch pre announced months back. And the stock acted very well as the buy the rumor sell the news concept figured very much in this scenario and the stock actually held up very well.
    The fact is we are still not MAC compatible and we have not done anything yet in the way of landing big players and we still are basically in the first inning of a game yet in any way shape or manner yet to be played out. The question really was could we at least get to this point and feel the technology will be accepted and will be useful and that we all agree is and will be the case.
    Most of us have stayed the course and with this news can feel confident that adding to positions here might very well turn out to be a prudent choice indeed. I for one see this news as a go ahead to add to my positions before there can be the new players suspected to be when we are listed on Nasdaq etc.

    What most people do not understand is that other companies that stream video can supply watermarking but the patents Destiny have are very specific and will provide for tthe ultimate information gathering vehicle nobody else will be able to claim. They have directed these patents to provide a total package of tools that is at this point yet to be seen by any competitor and will provide a unique and critical edge to their offerings.
    Finally I suspect that if and when Destiny starts to gain momentum Steve will be faced with suitors and because he has been working at this for many years and does not have the infrastructure to handle the avalanche of customers he might entertain he will sell the company. Stockholders will benefit greatly be it he tries to make a go of it or he is bought out.

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    • It's misleading when you say " we are not Mac compatible" because that's a false statement. Clipstream works on all modern devices.

    • I showed the press release to my son who is pretty tech savvy but has not been following DSNY and he confirmed what I thought might be a confusing part of the release to the uninformed.. The confusion comes from the pricing information. He got the impression from the release that the VIEWER of Clipstream videos would be expected to pay to view. That's wrong, right? I think part of the confusion might be from wondering just who would be the customer who would be paying $5/month for example? Pricing info makes more sense when it comes to the higher pricing points, but who's the $5/month customer?

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      • The $5 / month fee is obviously just a teaser to get folks to come in and try the system. The idea is to not have any barrier to entry, and having tried the system and liked it the user will automatically be upgraded to the higher priced plans the more he uses the service.

        There are a lot of ways to skin this cat and this is the way the company has chosen to do it. We'll see what the market thinks of it as time goes on, but the real excitement here comes when the transcoding and streaming users see what's happening and why this technology changes the rules of the game. The company will begin selling site licenses next year and that is where the real $'s are. They will go for $50k to $5M, according to the CEO in a presentation I listened to online.

      • Really – your son thought that the end viewer was going to pay a fee after reading the Press Release. I do not believe that anyone would jump to that conclusion. What are they teaching in school? Whatever happened to reading comprehension? You should demand a refund of your son’s tuition or school tax.

      • I would e-mail Steve with your concerns about the lack of clarity for new eyes regarding "who pays" the fee. It should have been more clearly stated that the viewers incur no charges, and the fees are paid by the content provider.

        He is the most accessible and transparent CEO I have ever spoken to. I would really recommend sending him an e-mail. Yes the official PR is already out, and there's no changing that - however, future communications could be improved with user and shareholder input.

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