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  • mzj Dec 26, 2013 12:44 PM Flag

    CSTI keeps loosing $$

    They are trying to keep the price down and their lowest ask is being taken down by buyers. We should get more attention and more buyers.

    The 'just facts' article by retired university professors of Amsterdam is credible and very compelling.
    BTW: The University of Amsterdam's research history has produced six Nobel Laureates and seven Spinoza Prize winners.

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    • Whoever is working thru CSTI to keep this down has definitely not lost money LOL. Over the years, they have likely made a lot of cash shorting the stock, ask-flashing to scare retailers into slamming the bid, and buying back the lows. Anyone paying close attention to Level 2 can see the ask-flashing, followed by HUGE bid support. It happens quickly sometimes, but I have screenshots to prove it. IMO, the schemer is working both sides.

      I think an uplist would force the alleged "naked short" to declare all of the shares it has borrowed, regardless of whether or not those shares are borrowed from the "float".

    • mzj Dec 26, 2013 3:47 PM Flag

      It's good to watch CSTI straggle.
      They have been trying to cover and had a bid for 30,000 at 1.99 and asked 2. there were sellers, but the buyers came and took it's offer at 2. Then they've been trying to buy the same 30K shares at 2 and where asking 2.03. The buyers came and took their 2.03 offer. Now they're hoping to buy at 2.01 and increased their ask at 2.05.

      Watch out, the institution may come at the very end of the day and #$%$ all available shares.
      The good news are coming.

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