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  • farvosnit farvosnit Jan 31, 2007 2:34 PM Flag

    That's it folks!

    Two days up 8% on 43 thou shares.maybe wff wasn't so wrong.

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    • What did you expect?

      Guys...I tell're in the wrong stock if you expect mgmt to hype themselves. Aint gonna happen. WILC is as thin as thin gets for a reason. Count your blessings and buy cheap.

      The deal - It is a couple of million dollar event. Did you truly expect wall street to become orgasmic over that? Personally, i think it was a great move at a very minimal cost. The benefits will become more and more evident a few years hence.

      Better be prepared for long-term patience as earnings drive us higher - or for another Navallier like anomoly. As I said in a previous post, I expect both - but in the next few years - not days.

      Good luck all.

      P.S. I got a GREAT return from Telepizza last year. Now there was a stock that traded by appointment about once a month. I ended up with nearly a triple after a very long wait with nothing happening.

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