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  • willifoodfan willifoodfan Oct 3, 2007 1:27 PM Flag

    Egg deal

    This deal definitely benefits AG-he gets apprx 15 mil in cash plus more Willi shares and he is still major stock owner of ilc.However it also benefits stockholders as bottom line profits now increase by 8 mil.No question in my mind that the stock will move up big time,so AG profits big time again but so do stockholders.

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    • Actually, you are the only one confused at this point as the facts have been laid out. There are two companies, WLFD and WILC. WLFD owns 60%+ of WILC. Gaydamak bought into WLFD and inherited indirect ownership of WILC. The egg deal is being done by WLFD, which will then own WILC, the egg business and certain real estate assets. WILC will be a sister subsidiary with the egg company and it is not understood whether or not there will be synergies between the two. But be clear... Gaydamak did not invest in WILC at $10/share... and that WILC is not doing this deal. However, it is also clear that mgmt needs to state the strategic direction of WLFD and WILC. It is unclear to what extent WILC will ride on WLFD's coattails and how much Gaydamak paid for WILC versus WLFD's mgmt to run his other operations that are now being folded into the WLFD.

    • Seems to be divided opinion on the deal and its ramifications .Maybe the company or its pr person should clarify it for stock holders.

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