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  • zolie48 zolie48 Oct 12, 2007 11:30 AM Flag

    Where do we go from here?

    After yesterday's buying opportunity what's the prospects for the short term?

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    • Thanks for the insight, Chris.

      Good luck all.

    • Have some faith everyone, there are some very strong and savvy investors supporting this stock because they believe in the long term gains they will receive from this story. You have to remember Willi-Food (WILC) is only in its infancy as far as having a real global platform and a chilled dairy product to launch globally.

      You have to believe in the management's team desire to grow this Company to a scale never before imagined. The management team was rich before they sold their shares and still rich, they are not concerned with money. What they are concerned about is seeing the company they built with their own sweat and hard work grow to a Company never before imagined. They work 12 plus hour days sometimes 6 days a week to accomplish this. It is true that the Company could be a little more transparent but we also don't want to get ahead of ourselves and apprise the market too soon of anything. We are working on having management update the market in the middle of the quarter if anything crazy happens as opposed to having all news come during an earnings call.

      Short terms setbacks such as rise in commodity costs are just that, only short term, the markets of course will relieve this meanwhile WILC is still posting double digit revenue growth. So why is there all this backlash and desire to sell out of the stock when the best is yet to come?

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      • Very good post Chris. It's a bit painful to see the drops, but I'm accumulating more at these levels, and have faith the company will do well.

        You point about transparency is well taken. I DO wish they would issue a very clear release discussing the relationship between Willi Food and WILC - and the implications for investors. If such a release exists, would appreciate a link.


      • Thanks chris for your message.It makes those of us who are in for the long term feel more confident.Your words on NTWK in july- aug when the stock was 145-1.60 that it had great potential sure proved right.Today it hit 4.00!! I'm sure that your comments on WILC will prove to be correct as well.It would be very good to hear from you on the message board from time to time. Thanks again.

      • dennisnolan Oct 16, 2007 11:38 AM Flag

        the backlash comes from watching the price fall consistantly
        for a few months and then getting guidance down when it should have been going up.
        I agree there is longterm upside but it is wiser financially to get out and watch the bleeding and then get in at an established bottom. this stock has not had a solid bottom yet and until it trades a few sessions at a level with 70,000 shares or so trading hands it will keep dripping blood. until then I will watch and wish that it finds the bottom so I can get back in.
        good luck to all of you there is no doubt this will be a great stock when it finally has it's day in the sun.

    • There is no opportunity here for short term.....This is a dog. I have owned it for over 3 years and I am down money. I bought it at 6.06 it is a POS. I never have had a stock perform this poorly. It has gone from 6 to 9 to 2 all on nothing.....I think at one time, this stock was 4 dollars and had 3 in cash....I will never understand how this could look this good and do this bad.........I am going to bail at my first opportunity and move on......Probably go to 10 a share the week after I sell. I am a very patient investor and do my due diligence. I think I have been scammed on this one..........

    • My take is, unless there's news before the cc(last week in Nov )we'll have a trading range of 5.50-6.20 with very little volume. Only other variable is how wlfd trades in Israel.I can't believe that if it keeps going up on the TASE that it won't have some effect on WILC.

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