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  • dennisnolan Dec 17, 2007 10:50 AM Flag

    32k shares set at 6.60 for sale

    there is an iceberg of shares offered at 6.60 and less than 2k have sold. this will dampen any trading for the next few hours at least.I expect this to close at 6.60 and not burn through the lump of shares set by the M>M>

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    • This block of shares was up on fri already as Farvo noted in his post.What do you make of it?Someone wanting to keep the share price down, knowing that right now there's no real buyers out there? Or someome wanting to unload but not at the mercy of the MM's?

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      • Guess you got your answer Z48. There's no buyers so any one wanting to sell will have to take what the MM's want to give.Just some more cheap shares for the MM's acct to be sold at a future date at a premium On another note just read on Globes(Israeli business news)that Gaydamak's Israeli holding co- Ameris holdings Ltd- will buy a Russian oil co.-Kaliningrad Neft co,from a private co owned by Gaydamak and registered in the British Virgin Islands.Oh well good to know that Willi foods will have no problem financing any M&A's that will come along.

      • dennisnolan Dec 17, 2007 1:49 PM Flag

        personally I think it is the MM trying to control any retail
        movement. Unfortunately thisa can only drive the share price down which typically will shake out some weak hands.
        you know where I stand on it since I am going to buy back 2000 today at a better price point than I previously had.
        I still hate the MM activity. If we were allowed to actually trade for a few weeks I think we could see more shares traded and a steady incline but there is still an uneasy feeling about this stock until it starts to behave in a more predictable manner.Which is the farthest thing from how it is acting today.

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