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  • farvosnit farvosnit Jan 17, 2008 8:54 AM Flag

    Update on willi foods

    The 46% increase for 4th qtr and 31% increase of revs for year is good .Re Russian deal- better to be cautious then sorry.Williger continues to pick up shares on a daily basis on Tase.Bought another 19,280 yesterday.

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    • But thats been the upside for 3 years now. in 2005 they were going to buy a company in the US and that fell apart. then last year in december they bought laish for very little but who cares. then they had this russian deal that they talked up and it falls apart.

      these guys sell the expectation and then botch the results.

      i think it could be a $12-$20 stock but they need to focus and get some deals done.

    • dennisnolan Jan 23, 2008 2:57 PM Flag

      The upside here will come from u.s. market entry due to new alliances and quarter over quarter of proven gains. this is a six month to 9 month hold with buy on the dips and sell around 6.30 to 6.50 until trading volume picks up.
      just my opinion and has served me well here for 5 months.

    • Farvosnit,

      The TASE stock is the holding co, Zwi is buying that not WILC and it's a BIG DIFFERENCE.

      Gaydamak bought shares in the holding co whihc is Willi Food Investments, not WF Int'l. So that poultry deal in Russia benefits shareholders of WF Investments but not us at all.

      Zwi won't buy shares here cause this is a second rate opportunity compared to WF Investments.

      My big concern is that they do deals with WF Investments and just leave us here with this constant "expectations" with nothing happening

    • I will be REALLY excited if/when he and/or the company buys shares on the Nasdaq as opposed to/or in addition to purchases on the TASE.

      The most powerful statement this company could be would be - "we've evaluated a number of acquisitions and investments - and in our view, the best buy out there is WILC."

      I'm not saying they shouldn't be aggressive in terms of chasing new business. However, I, for one, am becoming just a wee bit tired of wallowing at this level for what seems forever - I wish they would take some modicum of investment funds to build shareholder confidence. Look - we were at $10 a share (granted a spike) three years ago.

    • What do you mean that Williger continues to pick up shares. Is Zwi buying shares on the TASE? Tree

    • By comparision -3rd qtr revs were up 21%-4th qtr 46% more then double.For nine months 27%-for year 31%.Hopefully dairy prices will stabilize soon and revs will more than double.

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