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  • farvosnit farvosnit Jan 21, 2008 6:25 AM Flag

    Update on willi foods

    Williger bought another 12,930 shares on Tase yesterday. I agree that it would be great if he bought them on the Nasdaq.However the major holding of Willy food investments Ltd(in TelAviv)is Willi food on the Nasdaq (Wilc).To me it indicates that management knows the company is on solid footing and will appreciate soon.Otherwise they wouldn't be buying.

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    • dennisnolan Jan 22, 2008 12:49 PM Flag

      farvo to me the purchase indicates that by buying in isreal
      into the parent company he is putting his money where it will grow the quickest. Wilc has alot to prove in the u.s. market before it will start a steady climb. I think I am being less than conservative when I say investors should be looking out two to three quarters for the growth to come and only on the heels of quarter over quarter of continued growth. (If I could buy the company that controls the fleet of subsidiaries why would I buy anywhere else) I am grateful just to see 3 to 5 thousand shares a day trading hands so a chart can begin to be formed and a trend can be tracked if one is actually starting.This is a slow maturing stock with a great future and people should invest here AND MANAGE THEIR EXPECTATIONS of what the future performance will be. Making predictions of blockbuster share increases in price only leave new investors disapointed when we keep falling back day after day to the $6 dollar range.(which is a good value for this stock)

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      • Dennis while you make some valid points let me just add a few comments.My projections were based on the announcement of aquistions particularly the Russian and Denmark dairy deals.If they do not materialize you're quite right about another 2-3 qtrs -at least.However if they do come thru and if other M&A's are made the situation could change quickly.I know that there's not a direct relationship between what happens in Tel Aviv and Nasdaq re stock price but it does give some clues like Williger's insider buying.Today the TASE was down 4% almost all stocks in the red some big time.Wilc was up all day as much as 7% with very heavy volume.With 15 minutes before close up 2.52% on almost 1 mil turnover.To me this indicates that some positive news will be coming out soon.

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