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  • farvosnit farvosnit Feb 14, 2008 12:24 PM Flag

    News re acquisitions

    Imo this acquisition is crucial in opening up markets in the U.S.Sorry the Baladi deal didn't work out.Win some lose some.Wonder what the projection for revs are for the new company for '08.

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    • no, i ahve been inthis stock for along time, never posted until recently when i saw you guys always talkign up the stock. you would say stuff like WLFD did a lot on the TASE but it makes 0 difference to WILC and ijust felt too much excitement here onthe boards with NO RESULTS.

      Zwi sounds like nice guy on the conf calls and they have a good product but i bought thinking this was going to be a BIG COMPANY in a few years, that Zwi was going to TRANSFORM into GLOBAL KOSHER POWERHOUSE.

      Instead, what do we have?

      1) they said gross profit is 27-28% target. well, what do we have? we have 19-20%!! if u are good operator, u should have some sort of idea about dairy price impact. it is like saying to a gas station operator, what are your profit margins and he says one thing and then gas prices go up and he says, well i didnt expect that!

      2) they said we are exceited about russia deal, this is a big deal, we are very excited, we will have a big things here. and then the deal falls apart!! same thing with vitraoz in 2005.

      3) then baladi, if it was leaked, shows MORE PROBLEMS with INTERNAL teams. who is leaking this? so then we have baladi, all of this information and then NOTHING AGAIN!! no deal, instead WILC is suing them orseeking elgal action.

      4) SO now we have the dinky Denmark deal. So FINALLY we have dairy licnese. now what? where are the DEALs with the grocery stores in US Zwi has talked on and on an on about for a year? we will just hear that the arein discussions and then when a deal happens, instead of being BIG DEAL, it will be some small $1MM agreement i bet.

      So in the past couple years, THREE deals that fell apart. instead of the BIG deals like in Russia or Baladi, we get Laish which is small insignificant business, paid a couple million for this garbage.

      then wehave this denmark deal and yes I know it is imporant for the dairy license but i wont hold my breath waiting for Zwi to sign adeal with grocery company.

    • Droe1-are you related to zgoldansky?

    • who cares, Zwi has been talking about this for years, so they got some dinky denmark company. it will prob take another 3 years before a single wilc product is onthe store shelve. oh well, i'll be here, i'm too stupid tosell

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      • dennisnolan Feb 14, 2008 3:43 PM Flag

        this cheese deal will open product shipments this coming quarter for 800k but we don't know what the margins will be.The fact that they now have a u.s. shipping license is worth something but it will be a couple quarters before we know what it really means. I am not really too impressed with this latest deal and why announce it with the baladi deal. The obvious answer is to mitigate any bad press from the second lost deal in less than 3 months.With a batting average like this I hope they quit announcing m and a deals because they are further hurting their credibility.Not to mention that if they get into a deal again in the near future the next company would be foolish not to threaten to back out at least once to sweeten the deal after the ink is dry.
        and wilc will pony up to keep a good public face,this is the real cost of blowing small deals in my opinion(it makes you extremely vulnerable to leveredged negotiations to save face)

    • Well I guess we now know what Williger is going to sell on Tue -CHEESE PIE! Hope at least it will have cherry topping!

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