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  • farvosnit farvosnit Feb 18, 2008 11:37 AM Flag

    2008 outlook for Willi foods

    My take before tommorrows presentation.2007 revenues will be about 60 mil (31% growth yoy)with net profit of .25 cents per share.If they show a 25% increase in'08 that's 72-Shamir deal should add another 4 mil in revs-and Denmark cheese deal another 5 mil in revs-for a total of 81 mil.With net profit of .40-.45(expenses should come down)With a p.e.of 20 should give us a stock price of 8.00-8.50.This is a conservative estimate and not factoring in any other acquisitions.

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    • With new info from presentation- revs for'08 should come in at about 110 mil.With net profit .85-.88.With a P.E.of 15 -that's a share price of 12.75- 13.20. This is without Russian deal which if it's closed in Apr could mean another 35-40 mil in revs for '08.I continue to remain bullish on Wilc.(Also Zvi said that all the food deals will be done by Willi food Int.-Wilc-not the holding co in Israel)

    • I have similar numbers are you for EPS. Baron is the only thing that's growing, other businesses are so-so, GF is feeling the dairy problems, Laish is nohing.

      the stock won't move after the conference and a P/E of 20 in this environment is wishful thinking. why pay 20x earning in tough market? makes no sense.

      all that matters is DEALs like they have been telling the market for a few years now. These guys at Roth are big boy investors, they aren't gonna buy the same s hit from Zwi about deals and growth when there's nothing to show for it, more of a wait and see, if Zwi can actually close something outside of a puny 3-5mm deal that is not some crappy NJ dsitributor like Laish and is a real deal.

      investors will ask Zwi at presentation, where is the Russian deal, why is that not happening, why is Baladi not happening? why are u annoucnign these deals when u never CLOSE them? where is the cheese deals with the US groceries u have talked about for 2 years? And then Zwi will stuttur and say, 'soon soon, we are working hard, i bought stock because i think the co is good, etc etc' and that will be all that happens. a lot of talk, no action, and this stock will do nothing UNTIL a real deal happens. When will gaydamak do somehing here to help?