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  • ben1bam91 ben1bam91 Dec 5, 2011 7:21 AM Flag

    CEO selling...what does Cody have to say?

    "I was wondering when our monthly post about insider selling would arrive. For those who don't know why these automatic sells occur this is a good explanation linked below."

    Which is why the bulk of my post was specifically about the nonsense regarding 10b-1 sales and how folks like yourself gobble it up, as though the sales meaning nothing.

    A sale is a sale. For whatever reason the insider is selling. Surely you cannot chalk it up to being a positive indicator as a reflection of the company prospects - can you? If we look the other way and go by the sheeple definition fed to you by places like Investopedia, then it's a neutral indicator at best.

    In my eyes, if any insider is selling for any reason, then it is a guaranteed indication that he/she believes that they will get a better return/value on their money not having it in the company's stock. It may mean using it to pay for their kid's tuition, buying a new home, or even for diversification - whatever, doesn't matter, it is still an indication that the insider places a greater value somewhere other than in the company.

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    • Truth is RVBD had a solid QTR and recently upgraded. There isn't any recent company specific negative news for shorts to highlight so these 10b-1 sales are an attractive target. 10b-1 sales never stopped AAPL's growth (and many other high flying stocks) but if you think you're on to something, by all means, stay short. Truth is the big players will drive this stock. Message board posts won't put a dent in the direction. Good luck.