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  • sundancekid2004 sundancekid2004 Apr 23, 2003 12:57 PM Flag

    Re: This stock dives once a

    I would have the MAX taking out of my pay!

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    • actually Minn, they carry very different product selections. The sss strength at DKS I feel can be attrubuted to a couple of things. First- they have increased there average retail price point by carrying higher end goods. TSA/GRTS have been touting the fact that they are offering an abundance of private label goods that are dragging their retail price points down...simply put they have to sell more to keep the revenues up. While Dicks can sell less goods at higher price points.

      secondly I believe they have captured the women shoppers. Face it, they buy 70% of the goods, might as well have a "pretty store" for them to shop. Shopping in TSA gives one the feeling of being in a grocery store....

      Just my thoughts...

    • Not a disliker of DKS. I just believe it is only a retailer and, although it is the market leader, I haven't seen anything at the stores that makes me say "wow" I like this stock. I only own a few shares which I bought to keep an interest in the sector so whatever happens isn't going to do anything for me either way. I think the stock is not cheap at these prices. I do wonder how their SSS decreased much less than the others, though. All these stores seem to carry the same products, so I wonder how DKS is outpacing the others. Must be location, location, location?

    • I want to know what Dicks store you were shopping in that was "dirty"!

    • I agree deep discounting absorbed by the retailer alone can hurt the bottom line, however most smart retailers will make the vendor absorb some of the markdowns either through markdown money or some other "creative accounting method" This can be done when the vendor/retailer have a good long term partnership. Ask TSA how many of their vendors are willing to work with them...

      You are correct, Galyan's does have a nice layout. They have done quite well for themselves. The only problem most will have on this board about your DKS comments is that you are a known disliker of DKS.

      Every retailer discounts merchandise that needs to be sold to make room for the new stuff. The retailer that doesn't discount and leaves non selling merchandise on the shelves hurts themselves a heck of a lot more than taking a quick hit and moving the product through.

      Dead inventory kills a buyers open to buy dollars, therefore leaving them with no new product. Ask TSA buyers how often they have had to turn down new product offerings becuse they haven't sold what they have.

      There is plenty of room in the margins of clothing to discount and still make a profit.

    • I visited a DKS and find that GLYN has a much better layout and the same store within a store format. DKS was dirty and every other clothing stand contained VERY discounted merchandise ($9.99 for a Nike t-shirt, $12.99 for Nike shorts, $6 for a long sleeved t-shirt I bought). It is only a matter of time before this deep discounting hits the botton line. Wait and see....

    • I'm going to sit tight right now, if it gets to the $25 range I'll look again.

    • There are a good number of sellers here at $28, at least for the time being. This may give you an opportunity. Hard to say.

    • I am also surprised at the continued rise and support at these levels. I have considered dropping a limit order in the $24-$25 range, but I watch the stock so closely, that I wouldn't miss a pullback if it happens. (famous last words...)

    • Max,
      you might get a correction, might not. If you want to own the stock maybe you should consider just putting in a limit buy order at a price you'd feel comfortable paying, and if you get it, great, if not, at least you didn't pay more than you wanted.

      Frankly I'm surprised it hasn't had a meaningful correction since the breakout about $23-24, but it could still happen. Who knows. But even with the increased float there seems to be no abundance of sellers on most days.

      Good luck.

    • Keep waiting for the pullback that doesn't seem to happen...I should know better with a stock of this potential.

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