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  • ackolbert ackolbert Sep 5, 2003 7:06 PM Flag

    Final Solution to the Wack-it Problem

    I put the Wack-it bash-bot on ignore, but still have to go through a shitload of messages from you people replying to it. If you have nothing more interesting than to bash Wack-it, please take it offline. I think it gets that we don't like it over here. If everyone ignored it, we wouldn't have a problem

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    • I agree with ack...I put Wack-it on ignore a while ago when it was so obvious his messages had no value, other to pursue some personal issue he has with DKS. He probably owns or works for poor chap! Anyway...PLEASE ALL...hit the ignore button on this idiot and let's keep this board sane! There has been some great info past back and need to muddy the waters with wack-o

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      • Value monster and Wackoff wouldn't know a solid company if it slid up behind them and popped their cherries. However, based on recent posts, there cherries have probably already been popped by some hairy knuckled physician�s assistant from the local HMO.

        Val has demonstrated he is a racist based on his conviction of Kobe on imaginary tabloid evidence and his white sheet mentality.

        Now he and his flea-bag buddy Wackoff are knocking DKS based on there HOMO-PHOBOIC revulsion of DKS. The problem is they just can�t handle a company that has a more a turgid performance than they do.

        Val and Wackoff, if you want to invest in limp dicks, buy Pfizer. Stay away from long and strong DKS�s.

        Wackoff the only reason your short on DKS is because you have one. I hear your shower buddies call you �pinky - the quarter inch killer�.


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