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  • valuemonster_jurel valuemonster_jurel Sep 10, 2003 8:18 PM Flag

    It's Been Maxi-Pad.................

    don't worry I didn't read anything you posted, so please just go on, & I'll just keep looking at holes......on both this and the TSA board. Do me a huge favor and retort in kind, I'm actually asking you to put me on Iggie.........Good luck to all, except......

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    • Val either you are really dumb or you are a great actor. If and when I sell, I will tell you, then you can share your thoughts. Until then paper means nothing.

      Nothing has changed at DKS except for the fact that the price has dropped. So if I am long DKS why would it matter if it dropped to $30 before it rose again or if it never dropped at all. In 5 years these daily fluctuations will mean absolutely nothing. This is what is known as, for those of us that understand the market more than a single minded "value player" a BUYING OPPORTUNITY.

      Again I ask, will you ever contribute anything useful? Or will you continue to ask others here what you should do?

      Glad to see you liked the gas/matchstick comment, I thought of that all by myself.

      I have a grip, I know what I am doing, why don't you let others do as they please and quit trying to save the world.

      A DKS investor that bought back in October is STILL up more than one that bought TSA at the same time. Hard to phathom isn't it?

      Gotta go, cat keeps eating my Friskies...

      Hugs and kisses,

      Not a violent bone in my body, love life and enjoy talking down to you. Please stay around, I stopped renting movies because I get entertained by Dumb and Dumber right here, almost every day!

    • The drop today really hurts that bad, huh? Get control of your emotions. That's not just good sense, it's necessary (I worry about who might be driving in that car in front of you on the highway).

      You know robis, after the matchstick/gasoline comment, I am going to do something I normally don't do and say, "Hah, hah..." I hope DKS goes down just for you. You are en epic loser who can't get a grip. When talking about an inflated ego, look in the mirror!! You are really talking about yourself. Just hope DKS goes lower just for you, so you can enjoy that Frisky's meal you so deserve......Good luck to almost all.....

    • I hate to hope it keeps trickling down, but I would love to get some more as cheap as possible.

    • If not it shows my true colors? Cool, my true colors are this.

      I won't back down to some know nothing windbag.
      I won't stop believing in DKS just because of natural price fluctuations. I am long DKS, I am not one of your so called momentum players that jumps on a ship because everybody else is doing it, I was there long before that, and can easily ride the wave of the mo' players leaving DKS to look for another play.

      When the light volume selling stops, I will buy more and will be happy doing it.

      You're problem is you think everybody that doesn't share your investing philosophies must be some kind of idiot. If you were the guru you think you are and profess to be, you would be on a yacht in the Pacific fishing instead of asking other people on these boards whther or not you should put somebody on ignore.

      Nobody likes folks with self-inflated egos. A little slice of humble pie can go a long way. I suggest you get to baking...

    • The only offer I would take up from you, is if you doused yourself with gasoline and offered me a match...

    • Rob,

      You are getting close to earning the coveted Val "iggi". Keep pushing - you can do it! Unrelenting common sense really gets the wood burning.

      Ps The reason things are so quiet on La Isla of Duh is because Wilson never disagrees. Soon Wilson and a Depends XXXL that needs changing will be all that's left.

      Super Long,

    • Does this mean you aren't going to take me up on my offer? If not, too bad, since it shows your true colours......Good luck to all....

    • Oh you mean I've been posting under a different id. Damn I hate when that happens.

      I don't give a crap what you hold. Go away already.

    • Are you sure your aren't max?!? Anyway your vitriol goes up for every penny DKS goes down......My post below still holds......

      Re: OTthis is from the guy that (robis)
      by: valuemonster_jurel 09/15/03 04:13 pm
      Msg: 16144 of 16144

      Would you really believe what you read on a message board anyway? You shouldn't. Why not take the high road RIGHT NOW. I'll pull for your DKS to go up, if you pull for TSA to go up. Look I'm doing this on a day when TSA is up, and DKS is down. An olive branch. You have bagged on TSA enough, let's both be positive. A new start....Whhadddaya say? Good luck to all....

      Posted as a reply to: Msg 16143 by robisdone2003

    • Val I don't give a shit what you do, ignore, post, scratch the fleas on your ass. Do what you want. Nobody really cares anyway.

      As I said before, you run like a pussy from any questions, and then hide behind some facade of BS.

      If you are going to remain a pusswad than yes please ignore me. Otherwise be a man for once, step up to the plate and take a few swings.

      The only pushing I would do for you is off a cliff, let me know when you get close to the edge.


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