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  • robisdone2003 robisdone2003 Sep 17, 2003 4:04 PM Flag

    Val at his finest O/T

    This is a post from the CKR board VM being our hero Val of course...

    by: bob_c_benberg 09/17/03 10:16 am
    Msg: 23312 of 23335

    I rather enjoy VM's views...I think that he offers 'realisitc reasoning' to the hyperbole of most here...

    EAGLEPUTT's posts seem to blend the same 'skepticism'yet he does not get skewered..

    No offense meant to either of you....

    or, are you one in the same? Hmmmm.....

    No doubt about it. IMHO, CKE seems to be more of an ATM for those 'in the know' than a keeper for those who claim to have true inside knowledge.

    And naturally Val's response...

    by: valuemonster_jurel 09/17/03 12:35 pm
    Msg: 23321 of 23335


    Thank you for the kind words. Some people don't want to hear the truth, but your statement, "No doubt about it. IMHO, CKE seems to be more of an ATM for those 'in the know' than a keeper for those who claim to have true inside knowledge" is 110% right on. Now one can 'win' in this situation, by betting that the bastards don't want to lose their jobs or 'control.' Then one has to buy rock bottom cheap, not get carried away with hyperbole when the stock trades at the high end of some 'value range,' and then do the toughest thing the market has to offer -- SELL. All this has to be done BEFORE it becomes evident what the Insiders have done, etc. Easy to say in words, tough in practise. I wish you well, & Good luck to all......

    Eagle & I "one & the same"! LOL. But at least eagle has a head upon his shoulders, so I'll take that as a compliment..... "

    and of course my 2 cents...

    by: robisdone2003 09/17/03 03:53 pm
    Msg: 23335 of 23335

    "oh yeah this one is great...val you enjoyed his post praising you so much that you rec'ed it 3 times...oh my that's funny. You also had to post it on other boards to try to make others think people actually like/respect you?

    Why is your self-esteem so low Val? You should feel secure with yourself, but it is obvious you are troubled.

    Hey Bob thanks for the kind words! I am now going to print them out and post them on my fucking refrigerator!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Barrel of laughs Val my friend!"

    Now the absolute funniest thing about this whole thing is that Val cut and pasted the post from Bob and posted it on the TSA board, so he could show everybody that somebody said something nice about him! Sounds like somebody needed some more hugs as a young 'en

    So this ones for you Val!


    Ok I'm done fucking with Val, I can't afford to piss another pair of pants...

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